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yes it is try Bakugan one of the characters looks dumb but it is alot better than Pokemon

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babies can't play games

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Q: Is Pokemon for babies
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Do Pokemon rase babies?

Yes some Pokemon do rase babies. But some do not rase babies.

Are Pokemon cards for babies?

Yes they are totally for babies haha

Can legendary pokemon have babies?


How do you join 2 Pokemon together in Pokemon Pearl?

you cant "join" Pokemon, but you can make babies with two Pokemon

Can legendary Pokemon have babies with ditto?

certain Pokemon can like phione and maniphy

What kind of Pokemon can you breed in FireRed?

You can breed all Pokemon except: Legendaries, Babies and Eggs.

What is the code for breading any Pokemon?

having babies which is abbaababbababaaaababab after you enter it they will have babies ( well an egg appears in your PC

When shiny Pokemon breed are their babies shiny too?


What is the difference in Pokemon moves from first generation to second generation?

Porn babies

What Pokémon have babies in daycare on Pokémon pearl?

There is no one Pokemon who lay eggs. Ditto can be used with any other Pokemon to breed, and if you have 2 Pokemon in the same egg group, that may work too. I prefer Ditto as it can pretty much breed with any Pokemon. BTW they don't have babies, they lay eggs. =3

On Pokemon pearl what Pokemon can have babies?

almost evry Pokemon can exept legendarys,and some others it looks like ditto can't but it can! Random Message hfhdfsdfhwruieh98we4y3r98weruw49tirotp[regmdfkngkjhsiufusdjfiosd

How do you get a dido on Pokemon pearl?

If this isn't a joke, I'm going to punch some babies.