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Q: In the movie the Clique what messenger does Massie use?
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What is a cute screenname I can use like Massie Block from the clique My name is Jamie.?

Something like hers or any other girls in the clique

What IM chat did they use on the clique movie?

Don't listen to the person who answered below me☟there answer is incorrect. It was a version of AIM (AOL's instant messenger). If you pause it at the part where they show when Massie is instant messaging Kristen it says Aol desktop.i chat, you have to have MAC or APPLE computers to use it though.

What instant message does Massie Block use?

In the book series "The Clique", Massie Block uses a messaging app called "PIM."

What messenger did The Clique girls use?

Uh, if you are asking the type of bags... I know they use Juicy Couture, Prada, and Chanel.

What is the messenger program the clique book series use?

I'm pretty sure they IM using iChat

How does the Clique book A Tale of Two Pretties end?

Claire sneaks into Massie's room and pretends to be her on IM. then Alicia Kristen and Dylan are mad because Claire is saying mean things. They of course think it is massie doing this and kick her out of the PC (pretty committee) or as everyone knows - their clique or possy. Massie finds up a way to talk to Kristen by saying she has the lip gloss (glambition) that they are making for Kristen's project. Massie tells Kristen that she never did anything and she realizes that Claire is the one who hijacked her IM. She is out of the clique and she continues to be friends with Layne and apologizes for ditching her. Layne understands and is irate with Massie and so is Claire or as Massie says Kuh-Laire. Then Massie's parents' auction is here and it is also her crush Chris Abely's birthday! So she decides to jump out of a cake and surprise him, say that she loves him, and then give him a kiss! Claire stops Massie and she brings her outside and tells her the truth - that Chris has a girlfriend named Fawn, and Massie appreciates her. Claire apologizes to Dylan for calling her fat and she apolozies to Alicia. She gives her back the stuff she let her have because Claire's parents think she should. Kristen tells her that she was glad she told her her secret that she was poor instead of Massie, and Claire feels benevolent and good inside when she heard that because she knows that Massie would use it against Kristen. And the lip gloss turns out to be made with peanuts and oatmeal helps with swealing. So someone sends a calabalistic message to Claire telling her to be the hero and help the kids. She uses Layne's (who is Chris' brother by the way) oatmeal, and helps the kids. Wow, zero to hero, even if it was just for a few minutes. And then Massie makes her State of the Union, which she writes on her iMac computer. She says that Claire is out, and that Claire is also in. And so Claire is in the clique and everything is back to normal.

What is the plot of the clique?

massie block is the rich leader of the most popular clique at OCD. Alicia rivera, Dylan marvil, and Kristen Gregory are part of the clique. then, during labor day, a girl from Florida named Claire moved into massie's guesthouse because her family is looking for a house of their own. Claire is living in a world where everyone is wearing designer clothes and has a wallet full of credit cards. she is detested by massie and her clique and tries to find a way to get into their fabulous foursome. what will she do to get in?

Who are the girls on the cover of the clique?

Lisi Harrison wanted the girls on the cover of the clique to represent a clique not necessarily the clique. But you can use your imagination to pick out who looks like who.

What is a cute screen name I can use that is like Massie Block Alicia Rivera Dylan Marvil or Kristen Gregory's from The Clique?

massies screen name is Massiekur3 so you could do your name then add kur3 at the end. like mine would be Haleykur3

Use clique in a sentence?

Almost every school has a clique that everyone wants to be a part of.

How do you use the word chateau clique in a sentence?

Chateau clique....... um I don't know.

What does the taco burrito nacho thing mean from the clique movie?

I'm going 2 break this into parts 4 easier understanding.In the saying, each food represents a group of people or a person, so I'm going 2 use equations.TACO AND BURRITO= Massie, Alicia, Dylan, and KristenNACHO= ClaireMassie says, "Conversation between taco and burrito, Nacho!""Nacho" sounds like "Not You."Massie meant,"Conversation between me, Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan, Not You!"nachos should leave tacos and burritos alone :)