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yes they do infact they have 4 kids called damian (2 yrs old and) Caroline who is only 2 months old and Serena is pregnant with twins boy and girl

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Q: In Gossip Girl does Dan and Serena have a baby?
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What two cast members of Gossip Girl are stepsiblings?

Jenny & Eric Dan & Serena Eric & Serena Dan & Eric

How does gossip girl season 6 end?

Gossip Girl Season 6 ends with Dan and Serena's wedding.

Who does Serena pick Dan or Nate gossip girl?

Serena intended to pick Dan, but Juliet pretended to be Serena and kissed both Dan and Nate to make them think that she was going to cheat on one with the other. In the flash forward in the last episode, however, Serena and Dan get married.

What season do Serena and Dan get married In gossip girl?

They get married in season 6, episode 10, which is the final episode.

Who is gossip girl'?

Spoiler alert!Many fans of the CW's Gossip Girl assumed that bad girl Georgina was Gossip Girl herself. Other speculations included Eric, Jenny or Chuck.But in the season finale in December 2012, Gossip "Girl" was revealed as Dan Humphrey.

Do Chuck and Blair end up together in Gossip Girl?

Yes. They'll get married eventually. So does Dan and Serena.

Will Nate and Serena date in season 5 Gossip Girl?

No, probably not. Nate meets Lola/Charlotte Rhodes, and Serena dates Dan for a little while, until Blair interferes.

Who is the gossip girl on the show?

*spoiler alert dan humphrey is gossip girl

What is the song at the end of Gossip Girl season 2 episode 4 where Dan gets rejected by everyone at school because of Serena?

shove it by santogold

Who is gossip girl on the show gossip girl?

actually gossip girl is gossip boy. It turns out to be that Eric Van Der Woodsen is gossip girl! Shocked?

Who do dan have a crush on Gossip Girl?

I'm currently on Season 5 ep 10 of Gossip Girl, and his current crush is Blair Waldorf. He has been romantically involved with several Gossip Girl characters, but the notable ones are: Serena Van Der Woodsen, Vanessa Abrams, Georgina Sparks, Olivia Burke and Blair Waldorf.

What Gossip Girl episode does nate and Serena start dating?

In season 3, episode 13, Serena and Nate officially begin a relationship. Prior to this, Serena is involved with Nate's married cousin, Tripp, and after a car crash involving the two, Serena is hospitalized. Nate stays with her in the hospital, proving his affection for her. Their relationship is constantly challenged by Serena's efforts to find her father and Jenny's feelings for Nate. They separate at the end of the season because of a photo of Serena and ex-boyfriend Dan posted by Gossip Girl.

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