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Electricity in Australia comes from:

1. Coal (80%)
-Brown Coal (24%)
-Black Coal (56%)

2. Gas (15%)

3. Renewables (3%)

4. Gas (2%)

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Exact figures will change slightly year to year, and there may be variations in percentages from reports put out by different organizations.

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NIshant The force of gravity causes water to flow downhill (from a lake through a dam for example), on the way down it is routed through hydroelectric generators and turns internal turbines connected to a generator which in turn generates electricity. The water continues on down to the river and either expelles into the sea or in some cases is trapped by another dam and generators.

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Q: In Australia what are the main ways to generate electricity?
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Explain two ways that moving water can be used to generate electricity?

Moving water can be exploited for electric generation by multiple methods. Hydroelectric generation from dams can use turbines to harness water driven mechanical energy. Prototype methods include harvesting the energy of water currents and waves to generate electricity.

What is the principle of candle make electricity?

Electricity can be generated directly from a candle in two ways:A candle can generate enough light for an up close photovoltaic cell to generate a small amount of electricity. Several of them in series or parallel around the same candle will generate more electricity (volts or amperes). Many photovoltaic cells are combined together as solar cells to generate electricity from sunlight.A candle can generate enough heat for a thermocouple to generate a small amount of electricity. Several of them in series or parallel around the same candle will generate more electricity (volts or amperes).The flame could heat up water, which could turn into steam, the steam could turn a cannot actually do it unless you use a flame which is a lot bigger and a far more powerful generator.

Which is the bad neutral and good way to generate electricity?

Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are the bad ways to generate electricity, because they add long-hidden carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere, causing global warming and climate change.Burning biofuels, (biomass, biodiesel etc) are neutral. They release carbon dioxide when burnt, but that carbon was recently removed from the atmosphere when the plants were grown, so biofuel is carbon-neutral.Solar, wind, hydroelectric, wave, tidal, geothermal and any other renewable energy are the good ways to generate electricity, as they have no carbon emissions.Nuclear power plants are another emission-free method of generating electricity. Nuclear does not contribute to global warming, but many people are afraid of nuclear accidents, and there is a problem of safely containing the remaining nuclear matter.

What do the telegraph and telephone have in common?

Both use electricity and radio waves to communicate.

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Tidal energy has been used in the past to run mills, but now the main way to use it is to generate electricity.

What are the two ways to generate Electricity?

Mechanical (generator) and Chemical (battery)

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What was the benefit to Australia?

it benefits Australia in many ways such as using it in our heating and electricity and did u know that it is estimated about 85% of our electricity production. for more information just look at coal mining Australia.

What are the alternate ways to generate electricity instead of fossil fuels?

geothermic wind solar hydro nuclear energy

Where does a generating station get its power?

There are several ways to generate electricity. Solar, wind, coal, nuclear, diesel etc.

How does the use of nonrenewable resources compare to the use of renewable resources?

There is only one way they are similar, namely, they are both used, usually, to generate electricity. But they are very different in many many ways.

What are three ways to generate electricity?

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