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edger account

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Q: Icici bank account ledger folio number?
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What is ledger folio number?

Manner of referring in a journal or ledger to the origination or disposition of the item. For example, if in the cash disbursements journal a debit was made to rent expense having the account number 523, then the number 523 would be put in the folio reference column of the journal.

When was Shakespeare's first folio published?

The first, official collection of Shakespeare's plays was titled "Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories & Tragedies" and was published in London in 1623. The word "folio" describes the size of paper on which it was printed, and this edition is known as "The First Folio" to distinguish it from earlier unnofficial editions of the plays which were printed on quarto sized paper.

What are the release dates for Crafters Coast to Coast - 2004 European Style Scrapbook Folding Folio Glass Ornament Unity Pin?

Crafters Coast to Coast - 2004 European Style Scrapbook Folding Folio Glass Ornament Unity Pin was released on: USA: 6 March 2009

Who put together William Shakespeares first folio of work?

Some people may find the title of Shakespeare's First Folio to be misleading, as it might imply to them a loose unbound collection. But Shakespeare's First Folio was most definitely a book, comprising a collection of thirty-six plays, many of which had never been published before, and all of which are now accepted as being at least partly by Shakespeare. Only two other plays are widely accepted as his. The First Folio was compiled in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare's death by John Heminges and Henry Condell, two members of the King's Men who were very close friends to Shakespeare for many years. They are even named in his will. Since the scripts belonged to The King's Men, they had the right to publish them, which fortunately they chose to do.

How were William Shakespeare's plays handed down?

All 38 plays which we recognize as Shakespeare's were published before 1634 in some form. We are very fortunate in that two friends of Shakespeare's, Heminges and Condell, decided after his death to publish a compendium of his plays. William Shakespeare's plays were published in 1623, about seven years after Shakespeare's death, in a volume entitled "Mr William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories & Tragedies," known as "The First Folio," containing the text of 36 plays. These were produced by his colleagues in the acting company known as "The King's Men" and are considered to be authentic. Had it not been published, we would never have heard of about half of the plays we know to be Shakespeare's, including such famous ones as Macbeth and Julius Caesar.The Collection of Shakespeare's plays has been re-edited and reprinted constantly since 1623. Sometimes new plays were added to the original 36 in the First Folio, and sometimes these were afterwards removed.In addition to the First Folio, some plays were published seperately in what are called Quarto size (half as big as the Folio) in which the text differed from the First Folio versions. The words "folio" and "quarto" describe the sizes of paper on which they were printed. If they hadn't been, we would have had no source for the two plays now agreed to be by Shakespeare which were not in the First Folio, Pericles and The Two Noble Kinsmen. Also, the Folio and Quarto versions of Hamlet and King Lear particularly are very different from each other. Without the Quarto versions, a lot of very familiar lines would have been lost. Thankfully, people kept these old books and didn't throw them out because they were old.Once published, the plays have been continuously republished since, and there is an unbroken chain of productions since 1660.The truth is that some of Shakespeare's plays may have never even been written down, and some that were written down may have been destroyed by the passage of time and the elements. At least two plays whose titles we know have disappeared completely. There may be others of which we do not even know the title.

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What is ledger folio in accounting?

The final destination of all entries made in the journal is the ledger as they are all subsequently transferred to it. The ledger is the most important book under the double-entry system. Ledger is a permanent book of record, which contains all accounts relating to the financial transactions of a business. Therefore, it is also called the book of accounts. An account contained in the ledger book is called ledger account. A ledger account is a statement shaped liked an English alphabet 'T' that systematically contains all financial transactions relating to either a particular person or thing for a certain period of time. Ledger account provides financial information such as how much a particular person owes to or from the business, what is the value of particular asset the business possesses at a point in time, or what is the amount of particular head of expense or income business has incurred or earned during a particular period. , The ledger book, therefore, contains the details of all classified information of financial transactions of the business. It is also called the principal or main book of accounts. It collects records and provides the financial information of the business in a classified manner so as to ascertain the profit and loss and financial position of the business at a certain point of time.

What is the balance in your pf account ledger folio number 1774?

please how to get my provident fund amount from pf office

What is ledger folio charges in banking?

ledger folio charges

What is ledger folio number?

Manner of referring in a journal or ledger to the origination or disposition of the item. For example, if in the cash disbursements journal a debit was made to rent expense having the account number 523, then the number 523 would be put in the folio reference column of the journal.

Can you get the details of Mutual Fund account through your folio no?

Very well yes. The folio number of a MF is like the account number of your bank. You can get all the details you want using it.

What do you mean by folio charges?

Folio charges or service charges are account maintenance fees. Folio charges are usually charged to customers of a financial institution on an annual basis.

How to write a letter TO REDEEM your mutual fund shares?

To, The Manager __________ (Fill in the name of the Mutual Fund house in the blanks) From, _____ (Fill in your Name) ______(Fill in your Address & Phone number) _______(Fill in your folio number) Sir, Sub: Reg. Redemption of Mutual fund investment with folio number ______ (Fill in the folio number) I would like to redeem my mutual fund investment with the fund ______(Fill in the fund name) with folio number _____(fill in the folio number) as on today ____(fill in the date) Kindly process the redemption request and credit the money into my bank account whose details are below: Bank Name: _______ (Fill bank name) Acc Num: ________ (fill the Account number) Branch: _______ (fill in the bank branch name) Thank you ________ (Fill your name and sign) Alternately, the fund house may have a mutual fund redemption form which you can fill to service the redemption request.

Is tax parcel number same as folio number?


What is the meaning of folio No. on the hotel receipt?

The meaning of folio No on a hotel receipt, is basically a number record. When a hotel uses a folio, it is used to record the number of guests that have checked in. It helps the hotel by showing how many visitors they get during a specific time.

What is an antonym for folio?

for folio?

Tales of the folio club?

They are sixteen in number,Poe's collection of tales, designed around a fictional group of characters who called themselves the Folio Club.

Was the Twelfth Night first published in the first folio?

Yes, Twelfth Night was one of a number of Shakespeare's plays that first saw print in the First Folio of 1623.

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