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You can not play a game cube on your PS2

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no PS3 games and some PS games

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Q: How the can you play a GameCube game on ps2?
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What game console do you play spyro a hero's tale on?

Gamecube or PS2

Can you play GameCube games on a ps2?

No you cannot play gamecube games on a PS2 that's because the PS2 is made from a different company.

Can you make your ps2 play xbox360 games?

Of course not that's just like asking "can a gamecube video game play on a ipad?" lol

Can you play Jedi knight Jedi academy on playstation 2?

Sadly no. It is only for PC, Xbox, and Gamecube.

How do you play GameCube games on ps2 slim?

You can't. After the 60GB model for the PlayStation 3 Fat they removed backwards compatibility and moved it to software based, and for the slim they removed it entirely. However you can still play Ps1 games with no problem no matter what model, but the Slim can not play Ps2 games in any way shape or form.

Is super monkey ball 2 available for the ps2?

No. You can only play it on the Gamecube, or the Wii (Gamecube Disc).

Can you trade in a GameCube a GameCube game 4 ps2 games a GameCube memory card and fable two for xbox 360 and a GameCube controller for 100?


Can you play a Wii game on the ps2?

My gaming professional son says "No, you can't." You can play a GameCube game on the Wii, but not a PlayStation 2 game. The systems are from two different manufacturers and are not compatible.

Is there a shadow the hedgehog video game for Ps2?

Yes, there is a Shadow the Hedgehog game for PS2. It's also available for Xbox, and Gamecube.

What game counsel is for Resident Evil one?

ps1, ps2, gamecube

What Spyro is a heros tail?

An awesome Spyro game for the Gamecube and PS2

Can you make a game playble on another console?

Yes. You can play Ps2 games on a Ps3, play Gamecube games on the wii, you can play Gameboy color, gameboy advance, and Gameboy games on the gamecube and last but not least you can clay game boy advanced on the DS and other game boys but not without some silly contraption.