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473.69 ft. exactly i measured it with my ruler

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is cliff diver the tallest ride in splish splash

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Q: How tall is cliff diver at splish splash water park?
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How has the flow of water impacted the everglades?

splish splosh splash

What could the term splish splash represent?

The term splish splash is used to represent the repetitive sound that splashing around in water makes. It is also the name of a song performed by Bobby Darin in 1958.

How much is the parking fee at splish splash water park?

15.00 US Dollars as of 2010

How can you write an acrostic poem about swimming?

Splish splash water into the pool m m i n g

How long does it take to get to splish splash?

Splish Splash Water Park is located within the heart of Long Island. The amount of driving time to reach there will depend on your origin. From New York City, it should take between 30-45 minutes to reach your destination.

What time does Splish- Splash water park River Head Long Island open?

It depends on the time of the year but between 9:00 AM -10:00AM

A diver jumps from a 48ft cliff into the ocean with an initial velocity of 8 seconds when does he hit the water?

"8 seconds" is not a velocity.

Is splish- splash water park river head long island open in December?

no it is not open its too cold. they reopen around may or june. that place is awesome. why would you wanna go in december??????????

Why would a diver get lots of points when he dived with little splash?

I'm no expert, but it may have to do with the amount of finesse and skill it requires to get an almost perfect dive. The better the dive (straight, dynamic), the easier the diver will enter the water. That grace creates less splash, which is easy to create with a skill-less cannonball dive.

How would a diver be able to enter the water without making a big splash?

They would enter the water in a streamline with their entire body tightened into one straight figure. Hope this helps!

Why do they splash the surface of the pool during the high dive competition?

Since the water is clear a diver would have difficulty judging the distance to the surface since he/she can't tell where the surface is. By splashing or agitating the surface, it makes the surface of the water visible and apparent, allowing the diver to judge the distance much more accurately. I suspect that it also breaks the surface tension of the water, allowing for a much softer entry into the water by the diver.

A cliff diver plans to jump off a cliff into a river and needs to know the velocity with which she will strike the water. it takes a rock 2.5 seconds to reach the water. what'ld her final velocity be?

80 ft / sec ~ 55mph The above ignores air resistance which will not be significant at this speed.