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550 million

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Q: How much money has the terry fox foundation raised for cancer research so far?
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What Organization has raised the most money for cancer research?

Jimmy V foundation for Cancer Research has raised the most money.....BY FAR

How much money has Lance Armstrong's foundation raised?

since 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 14 million dollars for cancer research

How much money did Terry Fox raised for cancer research?

He raised about $500 million dollar by his name for cancer research.

What does a Cancer Research Charity serve in the society?

Cancer research charities use money raised to fund research programs that are looking for ways to cure cancer. This means the money donated would go to pay for research materials and lab fees.

How much money has the Livestrong bracelets raised?

since 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 14 million dollars for cancer research

Who raised money for cancer research with there journey for lives run across Canada?

Steve Fonyo Jr.

Where does relay for life cancer money go?

relay for life donates all of the money that is raised to the American Cancer Society. The money then supports cancer research, educational, preventatives, survivor services and advocacy issues :)

What disease does the Scott Carter Foundation raise money for?

The Scott Carter Foundation helps raise money for childhood cancer research. Scott Carter was thirteen years old when he died of cancer in 1993. The foundation was made in his memory and to help other children that are battling the deadly disease.

What does the money raised from Movember go towards?

You can donate money to an individual, a team or to the Movember cause itself. Funds raised benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. Movember raised $42 million worldwide in November 2009 for men's health

What are Elvis's contrabutions to society?

i know he raised money for cancer research with the aloha from Hawaii concert he was also very generous to the less fortunate

How much money has susan g komen invest for the cure?

The komen foundation has invested nearly 2 billion dollars in breast cancer research

Why should you donate money to cancer?

You're not donating money to cancer, you're donating to cancer research. You should because, as of now, there is no cure to cancer and we need money for research to come up with a solution to cancer.