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Q: How much money does a high school band director earn?
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How do become a film director?

It depends what you mean by 'director'. Keep in mind that most of what you see on television is also filmed, and tv actually has more oppotunities for directors. And don't forget about local telelvsion where you can earn your way to director with or without a degree. But to be a major film director the best way is to earn a degree.

How much money did the movie Thor earn?


How much money did ward earn on dancing with the stars?


How much money does a image consultant earn?

2million dollars

How much money did coraline earn?

Worldwide it made $121,649,089

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How much money does a director of pharmacy earn?


How much money does a film director earn?

About 200,000

How much does a Band director earn?

They make about 41,00 a year in most states.

How does a film director help people?

because they earn money

How much money does a director of Christian education earn?

A director of Christian education can make quite a bit of money depending on where they work and how big the school they work for is. They can also make virtually nothing. The average income is around 45,000 dollars a year.

How much does a band director earn in Texas?

6 dollars an hour, you should be a pornstar instead

Who makes more money a doctor or movie director?

Movie Director's earn way more than Doctors

How can you earn money at school?


How much does a director of aircraft maintenance earn?

you should do your job because you want to not for the money.

How much money does a manager of a band earn?

How much money a manager of a band earns depends on the band and their contract with the band. They are usually paid a base salary and a percentage of sales and earnings.

How much money does a school nurse earn?

How much money does a director of a preschool earn?

you can earn $50 in just 60sec again and again . No skills required please go through the link: I can pay out $2000 in just 2 days. Its genuine