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Actual answer is 8.12 times by area

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three times

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Q: How many times would great Britain fit into Ontario Canada?
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How many times would great Britain fit into Canada?

three times

Is Canada bigger in land mass than Great Britain?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, second only to Russia. Canada is many times larger than Great Britain.

How many times does France fit in Ontario Canada?

1.5 :)

How many times can Japan fit into Ontario Canada?

Just under three times.

Which is larger in area Ontario Canada or Texas?

Ontario is actually larger than the State of Texas, by almost 1 and a half times.

Driving times Ottawa Ontario Canada to Virginia Beach?

about 14 hours

How many times does Britain fit into Canada?

40 times.. with room to spare

When was Great Britain explored?

Great Britain was explored in prehistoric times. No records remain of who did it or of precisely when.

When did Ontario become a part of Canada?

Ontario was created as one of Canada's original four provinces on July 1, 1867.Ontario has been a part of Canda all along, at least ever since the term "Canada" was used to denote that part of the world. Its first legal name was "Upper Canada" when it was made a colony in 1791, afer it had grown, largely by absorption of the "Loyalists", who left the United States after the American Revolution. In 1841, Britain united the two colonies of Upper and Lower Canada into the united province of Canada, which was still a colony. At the time of Canadian Confederation, the legal name of "Ontario" was first used, after the Great Lake, to avoid confusion with the country name. Lower Canada was renamed "Quebec" at the same time. Ontario expanded three times since, in 1874, 1889 and 1912.

How many times does Texas fit into Ontario Canada?

I don't think the shapes of the two will allow one to "Fit" in the other. Ontario is about 1.55 times the size of Texas

What did king William do?

King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times. King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times.

How many times have the Olympics been in great Britain?

Great Britain hosted the Olympic Games 3 times. 1908, 1948 and 2012.

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