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Assuming you mean in Basketball i am pretty sure that the amount of time you can step is 2

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Q: How many steps can you take each bounce when dribbling?
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How many steps are you allowed take after you stop dribbling the basketball in the NBA?

the answer is 2, but alot of refferrees will overlook 3 step

How many times does a basketball bounce in one game?

That depends on how fast the player is dribbling the ball. There is not an exact number on how many times a player dribbles the ball.

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How many steps can you take without bouncing a ball basketball?

After catching the basketball in the air, the player has the ability to take two steps. After two steps, the player must stop. He/she may rotate on a pivot foot or may move freely, as long as they stop after catching the basketball in the air.This is assuming that by catch the player catches the ball with 2 hands, as if they control the ball with one hand, they don't have to stop at all.

A floor violation when the ball handler takes too many steps without dribbling is called?

traveling the point guard can't move his pivot foot until the ball bounces

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What is walking in basketball?

If you read the rule book and then watch an NBA game, you will quickly notice that there is no such violation anymore. a walk in basketball is technically speaking a 'travel'. When the person with the ball starts walking/running without first putting the ball to the floor.

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