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atleast 20-25% are telugus in coimbatore. But the dialect is different and most of the population can only speak but can not read or write.

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Q: How many Telugu speaking people are in coimbatore?
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How many km coimbatore to mettupalayam?

The distance between Coimbatore and Mettupalayam is 31.32 kilometres.

What is meaning of ajwain in Telugu?

Ajwain is called Ajumoda or Vamu in Telugu. Ajwain has many medicinal properties.

Which is big city in tamilnadu madurai or coimbatore?

no doudt madurai. coimbatore is worst city in tamilnadu. ..... Pls no comedy pls... Coimbatore is the second largest city in tamilnadu in terms of population, education, climate, healthcare, air traffic & obviously industrial all the above cbe is next to chennai....Madurai is not in picture at all ....... i agree with u except population. but I'm wounder that, with out industrial development this city still second largest city in Tamil Nadu (Madurai is the first city of Tamil Nadu). now first time Madurai has mega projects. so,we hope that, the Madurai people who working out of Madurai their will be back to home forever. coimbatore is the second city having IT PARK and also having big companies and branches next to chennai and many multiplex theatres. ask about madurai in coimbatore the coimbatore peoples should say that it is a historical about coimbatore in Google u ll find many details most and more than ur village(madurai). coimbatore ll be the second metro city in next 10 years in tamilnadu. real estate business is in topmost in coimbatore but not ur village. and also a international airport is in construction.... dis for 1st one who gave answer...

Which is the best ongoing Telugu political news website?

there are so many websites but if u are looking for genuine news i will suggest u a few for telugu political,

How many Telugu movies were released till date?


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How many people speaking Telugu in India?

According to the 2011 census, there are approximately 74 million people in India who speak Telugu as their first language. However, this number is estimated to have increased since then. Telugu is primarily spoken in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Name the taluks in coimbatore district?

how many taluks in coimbatore district

How many km coimbatore to mettupalayam?

The distance between Coimbatore and Mettupalayam is 31.32 kilometres.

How many ration shop in coimbatore?


How many people speak Telugu?

Dravidian isn't a language, it's a large group of languages -- 85, according to the Ethnologue database

Top sports academy in coimbatore?

there are many sport academy in Coimbatore. some are : Bharathiar University, Coimbatore Avinashilingam Institute of For Home Science and Higher Education for Women Coimbatore National Sports Academy GAMEAHOLICS SPORTS AND FITNESS ARENA National Sport Academy

How many people speak in Telugu in the world?

80 million and spoken by another 30 - 40 million people in the world.

What is the population of Telugu speaking people in Tamil Nadu?

ACCORDING TO 2001 CENSUS THERE ARE AROUND 8% OF population in TAMIL NADU speak Telugu as their mother tongue . "I think there is a mistake in census system, just 8% of Telugu origin people must be certainly a false answer, Krishnagiri,Dharmapuri,Thiruvallur, Vellor,Kanchipuram, Salem,Dindugal,Madurai,Theni, Virudhunagar, Thuthukudi,Thirunelveli are having dense or good number of population apart from Chennai and Coimbatore cities. Khammas, Naikers, Reddies, Telugu Brahmins, Telugu Chetties, Arunthathiars, Rajus, Telugu yadavas, and more commities are Telugus, But they dont have Telugu education and may not mentioned as thier mother tongue, or may not be shown by authorities. there are many villages, towns, Assembly and Parliament constiencies dominated by Telugu people.Minimum there should be about 30% of population of Telugus in Tamilnadu. The real statistics should be revealed The Real linguistic data of Tamilnadu is Telugu - 40.31% Tamil - 39.47% Kannada - 7.99% Urdu - 3.61% Malayalam - 3.44% Sourastra - 2.48% Marati - 1.60% Others - 1.09% We have caste wise and district wise data of Telugus in Tamilnadu. As per Tamilnadu govt data, after every census, Telugu people jump into Bay of Bengal, so it is now only 2%!!" ALL WRONG r u serious about the above .. that means every 4 out of 10 I meet must be telugu get realistic this is tamilnadu not Andhra!! did u forget states were formed based on language!! it is around 8% so stop spreading rumors or grow some brains!! Where did you get Telugu population at 40.31% Mr.Praveen??? Sourashtra at 2.48% hahahaha i.e 15,00,000 sourashtrians??? Provide district wise breakup for Telugu population and your fake claim will be revealed... all your statistics are homemade... not realistic...

How C.P. Brown dedicated his life in the research of Telugu?

C.P. Brown he contributed his labor towards the development of Telugu language.He was here in India as a representative of east India company he attracted towards the Telugu language and he did great research and wrote a dictionary ENGLISH-TELUGU. That helped many of our Telugu people to learn English and to spread allover the world today.Telugu people are doing jobs,business allover the entire world today only because of C.P.Brown.

How many ethical hacking institute in coimbatore list out?

There are many institutes in coimbatore for hacking. But i feel PROMPT INFOTECH, which is in 100ft road offers more practical training for hacking than all others.

How many English speaking people speak Amharic?

how are you

How many state people speaking Hindi in India?

People of 23 States are Hindi Speaking. RATAN KUMAR GHOSH 9831361851