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The version that originally starred Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard opened in 1954. There was another musical produced in 1950, starring Jean Arthur as Peter, Boris Karloff as Hook, with music by Leonard Bernstein.

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I believe it was Mary Martin who originated the Broadway role of Peter Pan.

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The musical Beauty and the Beast ran on Broadway from 1994 and 2007 with 5461 performances. It is Broadway's eighth longest running production in history.

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potang ina ka

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Q: How long did the musical Beauty and the Beast run on Broadway?
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In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, some of the songs are "Be Our Guest", "Beauty and the Beast", "Gaston", and "Belle". In the Broadway there are new songs not in the animated movie, like "How Long Must This Go On?" and "If I Can't Love Her".

What were some of the highest grossing musicals on Broadway?

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almost for the whole movie

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In the movie Beauty and the Beast what does the beast give Belle to show he truly loves her?

No he doesnt, I played Gaston in the Musical, and I watched the movie over and over to help devolop my character. Belle see's her father in the snow, Belle's gasps and says i need to help him. The Beast says "Go, you are no longer my prisoner you havnt been for a long time." Lumiere comes in and asks why the Beast let Belle go, The Beast say's " I love her" The Beast gave her freedom back to show he loved her.