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flicking your wrist doesn't always help.. i only get about 94 mph when i flick my wrist.. There's some secret to it that i don't know

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Q: How do you throw 100 mph on the wii sports in baseball?
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How fast did Bob Feller throw?

The best information I have came from a short film biography that stated in 1941 his fast ball speed was estimated by comparison with a speeding motorcycle going 86 mph. It was estimated he reached 104 mph. However, in 1946 radar guns were available. His fast ball was measured at 107.9 mph. Pretty fast. Claim is that his fast balls frequently measured over 100 mph during regular games. In a film biography of Bob Feller it is said in 1941 his fast ball was estimated at 104 mph. However, in 1946 when radar guns were available his fast ball was clocked at 107.9 mph. Pretty fast. He frequently exceeded 100 mph in regular games.

The fastest bird?

Racing Pigeon at about 100 MPH

What speed did the Back to the Future car have to get up to in order to travel through time?

The Delorean had to get up to 88 mph to time-travel. Source: the imdb page for the movie. See the Related Link below.

How fast does a hockey puck average when hit?

The NHL All Star game record is 170.4 km/h (105.9 mph) by Zdeno Chara. The KHL All Star game record is 177.58 km/h (110.3 mph) by Denis Kulyash. The world record is 191.5 km/h (119 mph) by Bobby Hull. I think the speed of Chara's slapshot went up to 108 mph during the last ALL Star Game's skill's competition. Even Shea Weber cracked 106 mph. Bobby Hull consistently had the hardest shot in hockey. Nobody nowadays comes close to his puck speed. It's remarkable that his brother Dennis also had a 100 mph + shot. Surreyfan

How fast is 22.5 knots in mph?

22.5 knots = about 26 mph (25.8925376 mph)

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How fast do you need to throw a baseball for it to go 100 yards?

90-100 mph

What is easier to do throw a baseball 60 mph or throw a shot-put 60 mph?


Can a major league baseball player throw up to 145 miles per hour?

No. Only a very few of them can throw 100 mph. They don't exceed 100 mph by much - 101, 102 is tops. Most of them throw a fastball in the 90's, and a few have a fastball in the 80's.

How fast did satchel paige throw?

105-110 mph.

If you throw a baseball 80 mph from 47 feet how fast do you throw a baseball from 54 feet?

The equivalent of an 80mph pitch from 47ft at 54ft is 54/47*80 = 91.9 mph.

Is it possible to throw over 100 MPH?

Yes, it is possible. There is some people who threw balls at 100. And there are lots of people who can throw them at 95.

You throw a 95 mph fastball can you have a pitching career in baseball?

If you can throw a baseball 95 mph consistently and move it around the strike zone with control, and can throw a lot of them without losing speed over a given period, say 20 minutes to a half an hour, then yes you can have a pitching career in baseball.

How fast does the average freshman division one pitcher throw a baseball?

73 mph

What Is the reason it is harder to stop a baseball flying at 100 MPH than it is to stop a baseball flying at 50 MPH?


If you throw a basketball 100 MPH at a wall will it come back 100 MPH?

No. Assuming the basketball can with stand the impact, the basketball will lose kinetic energy to the air around it and to the wall on impact.

How many kids can throw a baseball 90 mph?

Extremely few. If you go on Youtube, a 13 year old threw 93 mph.

How fast could Vida Blue throw?

Vida Blue could throw pretty fast since his Fastballs would clock around 100 mph.