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Soul Eater - anima comedentis

Soul Glutton - gulosus anima

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Q: How do you say soul glutton or soul eater in latin?
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How do you say eater of wings in Latin?


How do you say you are my soul in Latin?

vos anima mea,

How do you say 'to carry your soul' in Latin?

Portare animam tuam.

How do you say sister of my soul in latin?

soror animi mei

How do you say souls in latin?

The latin word for soul is anima or animus, depending on how you use it

How do you say Do you watch Soul Eater in Chinese?

你有观看《噬魂师》吗? ni(3) you(3) guan(1) kan(4) shi(4) hun(2) shi(1) ma? Do you watch 'Soul Eater'? 'Soul Eater' --> 噬魂师 shi(4) hun(2) shi(1)

What is unholy soul in Latin?

To say the words 'unholy' soul in the Latin language you say 'scelesti animi'. In Italian these words are said as anima diabolica and in Spanish alma impia.

How old is tsubaki from soul eater?

In the anime (im not sure about the manga) it doesnt say... but I would think she is 15 or 16

What episode of Soul Eater does Death the Kid find Liz and Patty on the streets?

I would say about 15-16 around that age

How do you say My soul to keep in Latin?

Meam animam conservare. Ut anima mea

How do you say soul eater in Japanese?

soul is, kontan, kihaku, kon, reikon, hitokage, konpaku sorry i don't knw eater though =P The Japanese word for 'soul' is 'tamashii' (たましい/魂) and eater is 'taberu mono' (たべるもの/食べる者). Soul Eater, since you are obviously refering to the anime/manga series is so-ru ii-ta- (ソウルイーター)

How do you get soul eater in Kingdom Hearts?

Sad to say you can't, but if you have final mix or an action roplay you can get it if you play as Sora's best friend Riku.