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remove tobacco and then remove cardboard from inside cigar THEN reinsert tobacco light and enjoy your reaked black and mild

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โˆ™ 2009-06-16 03:29:35
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Q: How do you freak a black- mild?
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Why do you freak a black and mild?

Takes out the cancer paper and taste much better

What is freaking a mild?

Removing the nicotine strip from the the black & mild.

How bad are black and milds?

black and mild cigarillos aren't really that bad for you if you just puff on it for the taste and don't inhale the smoke. however, many people choose to inhale to get a buzz as if smoking a cigarette- especially because it is typically a fatter, longer-lasting buzz. if you do inhale it, it is rumoured to be terribly bad for you because the drag has a larger quantity and finer kind of tobacco in it. i don't know if this is 100% true, but it does make sense. First of all black and milds are not bad for you as long as you freak it. An what you do is take out the part that makes it burn slow and after you take that part out there perfectly fine for you. Go to YouTube and watch my video. How to freak a black and mild. I will show you how to freak it.

How bad are Black and mild cigars?

They arwe very bad they are like 6 ciggerts in one black mild.

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The Cirque Du Freak movie is rated PG 13, it has mild language and has violence!The books are for "young teens", they're very entertaining!

What Ingredients in a black mild?


Is black mild steel harder than bright mild steel?

yes of course

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u have to be black or negro and fat u have to be black or negro and fat

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How many cigarettes are in a black and mild?


Best cigars from WaWa?

"Black and Mild"

What does slang word black mean as in craving a black?

it means a black n mild

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