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yesit stop working after the first ear of purchase, the mice plays tags around it.

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2013-04-09 18:01:01
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Q: Does the riddex electronic pest repeller stop working?
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Is the riddex electronic pest repeller safe for your pets?

The Riddex electronic pest repeller is safe to use in and around homes with pets. It is not dangerous for pets or children.

How long does riddex electronic pest repeller work?

Electronic devices are not effective long term.

Does riddex pest repeller really work?

Electronic devices are not effective long term.

Does Riddex electronic pest repeller repulse squirrels?

Yes, Riddex electronic pest repeller repulses squirrels (Sciuridae family). But it requires a certain range of effectiveness, beyond which it has no impact and within which other controls -- such as removing food sources and sealing cracks -- need to be implemented.

What does blinking red light on riddex electronic pest repeller mean?

the red light signals that the pulse is going out through the electrical system.

Does riddex pro pest repeller work?

Riddex Pro pest repellant does work in some instances, commonly on mice. The repellant doesn't work as well on roaches.

Can you buy riddex plug-in pest repeller at QVC?

I don't recommend it-they are not effective long term

Can the riddex pest repeller be used around gerbils and hamsters in the home?

No, any rodents within the repeller's range will also be affected by it, sadly.

Is the Riddex Electronic Pest Repeller effective against spiders or ants?

So it would seem, since the product is supposed to chase away whatever lives in the woodwork of houses.

Does riddex hurt hamsters?

"The Riddex Plug-In Pest Repeller Unit is safe for most household pets, except for hamsters, gerbils and other rodent pets."

Where can you purchase riddex pest repeller in bergen county NJ?

You can buy them off Ebay. They are cheaper and they ship fast!

Can you use riddex if you don't have a septic tank?

Riddex is an electronic pest controller. It has no relevance to septic tanks .

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