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The media goes overboard with covering celebrities everywhere.

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2008-04-03 23:01:24
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Q: Does media go overboard covering celebrities in India?
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Do electronic media sometimes go overbored covering celebrities?

yes they do...

Do electronic media go overbroad covering celebrities?

yes ofcourse electronic media sometimes go overbroad covering celebraties but every time its not the mistake of media because sometimes celebraties also forget their limits so its its fault of both media and celebraties . celebraties should not give any chance to media to show any walger about them and media should also control on its overbroad covering celebraties.

Do the electronic media sometimes go overbroad covering celebrities?

Yes obviously no one wants to see up Linsay Lohans skirt

Do celebrities hate media?

The question is, do you?

Did media like Elvis?

It depended on what media was covering him.

What are the advantages of using celebrities in the media?

I guess to get people interested in the media

Does media or society condone celebrities' scandalous behaviour?

The media for the most part condone celebrities ' scandalous behavior but the paparazzi are responsible for this the media is just nosey and the paparazzi likes to gossip.

History of print media in India?

india in how print media development??

What has more media coverage celebrities or the war in Iraq?

Most likely celebrities. I'd bet a lot of money on it.

Why should celebrities marry other celebrities?

Because their relationship and children will be more likely to be the centre of attention in the media.

How does media affect celebrities?

The media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society.This is predicated upon their ability to reach a wide audience with a strong and influential message.The media against the celebrities can effect 100% of teens in the entire world.

What is the motto of One Caribbean Media?

The motto of One Caribbean Media is 'LINKING THE CARIBBEAN... COVERING THE WORLD'.

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