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well, it doesn't really say in the book. but when i went to go look up book number 3 (which is we'll always have summer) it says she been with Jeremiah for 2 years. i hope she does end up with Conrad in that one. :)

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Q: Does belly end up to be with conrad in it's not summer without you by jenny han?
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Who are the main characters in it's not summer without you by jenny han?

The main characters in its not summer without you are belly (Isabel), Jeremiah, and Conrad.

How come in 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' by Jenny Han Jeremiah and Belly kiss but then they don't go out with each other?

they are too close of friends and Belly likes Conrad

What is Belly's last name in the book- its not summer without you by Jenny Han?

Her last name is 'Conklin'.

Will there be another book after 'we'll always have summer' by jenny han?

Sadly, no. But if you do read the book, you will be more than pleased with the ending if I do say so myself.... And I do. I would hope she would write one more book on belly and Conrad's life now, but no she's not.

Who are the models in the cover of The summer turned pretty by jenny han?

Mikel ennis est Belly. Le reste je sais pas je cherche..

What are books by Jenny Han?

'Shug', 'The Summer I Turned Pretty', and 'It's Not Summer Without You'. 'It's Not Summer Without You' came out a few days ago, I believe. She only wrote 3 books so far....

Do you have to read jenny han books in order?

'Shug' 'The summer I turned pretty' 'It's not a summer without you'

Does Jenny Greenwood have a belly button ring?

Yes and hips pierced

What is the climax of the summer you turned pretty by jenny han?

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" is a trilogy series by Jenny Han. The climax depends on which book in the series is being read.

How Many Pages are in the book we'll always have summer by Jenny Han?


When is Camp Jenny going to open back up for the summer?

In 2012 By DRender Thompson

When is jenny han releasing We'll always have summer in paperback?

April 24 2012 ;)