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I prefer outdoor activitys because there is more to do outside

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Q: Do you prefer indoor activity or outdoor activity?
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Are indoor times faster than outdoor times?

generally indoor times are slower because indoor tracks are smaller. this means that you must complete more circuits to get the same distance on an indoor track. so, there are more turns to run, which slows people down.

In soccer how long does a player have to sit in the penalty box?

There is no penalty box in outdoor soccer. I believe there is for indoor soccer.

What is Ramoji Film City most noted for?

Ramoji Film City is an area within the city of Hyderabad in India. It is home to many of the world's best film studios. It has indoor and outdoor locations. The outdoor locations, with their lush greenery and beautiful scenery, are also tourist attractions.

Is camping a sport?

No, camping is not considered a sport. It is an outdoor recreational activity that involves setting up a temporary shelter, enjoying nature, and engaging in various leisurely activities.

Which movie is better Paranormal Activity or the fourth kind?

Is it all a question of opinion, but paranormal activity is supposed to be the scariest movie in the last decade according to many, it all depends on what you prefer though.

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Is volleyball outdoor or indoor game?

Swimming is primarily an outdoor activity, but can be an indoor activity with an indoor swimming pool.

Which sport is prefer to involve either indoor or outdoor?

Rock climbing can be done indoor and outdoors by climbing on rocks.

What are the differences between Outdoor and Indoor Science activities?

if you are outside you can have a dangerous or messy activity

What is a good sentence for activity?

I prefer an activity to sitting around. The report showed increased activity in certain sectors.

Do otters live indoor or outdoor?


Is Hershey park indoor or outdoor?


Is soldier field indoor or outdoor?

an indoor stadium

Is swiming an outdoor game or indoor gameg?


Is lawn tennis an or indoor or outdoor game?


Is an mimosa an indoor or outdoor plant?

it is an outdoor plant

Is shuttle is a indoor game or outdoor game?

It is an indoor game, but can play outdoor when there is no any strong wind.

Where would you keep a pet newt indoor or outdoor?