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Whitney Houston had a full brother, Michael Houston. She also had a half-brother, Gary Garland, from her mom's first marriage, and a half-brother John III from her dad's first marriage. She did not have any biological sisters, but she did have a step-sister (Alana) from her dad's subsequent remarriage.

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Q: Did Whitney Houston have any half brothers or sisters?
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Did Whitney Houston have brothers and sisters?

Whitney had one biological brother (Michael), as well as a half-sister (Alana) and two half-brothers (Gary and John) from her mother Cissy Houston's first marriage.

Are CeeCee Winnans and Whitney Houston sisters?

No, they are not. Whitney Houston had no biological sisters; she had one half-sister (Alana) on her father's side.

Did Whitney Houston have a brother?

Yes, she had one brother and two half-brothers.

How old is Whitney Houston step sister?

0 years old. Whitney Houston does not have any step sisters. She has 1 brother (same mother and father) and 2 half-brothers (one each from her mother and her father's first marriages). Her father's third wife had a prior child who is not related to Whitney Houston in any way.

What were the names of Whitney Houston brothers?

She had a biological brother named Michael, and two half-brothers named Gary and John.

Did Whitney Houston have any brothers?

Yes, Whitney Houston had a biological brother named Michael, and two half-brothers: one, Gary, was from her mother's first marriage, and the other, John, was from her father's first marriage.

How many brothers does Whitney Houston have?

One biological brother (Michael) and two half-brothers (Gary and John) from her mother's first marriage.

Did Whitney Houston's father remarry or were the stepbrother and sister older than Whitney Houston?

Yes, Whitney's father, John Russell Houston Jr., did remarry and Whitney did have older step-brothers. Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston, was married before she married Whitney's father. Cissy's first marriage produced a son, Gary, Whitney's older half-brother. Whitney's father was married once before he married Whitney's mother. Thus, he already had a son, John Russell Houston III, from that previous marriage. And after divorcing Whitney's mother (with whom he had her and a son Michael), John remarried and had a daughter, Alana, with his third wife, Peggy. Gary and John Houston III are her half-brothers. Alana is not John's biological daughter, he adopted her when he married Peggy.

How many brothers and sisters did Whitney Houston have?

She had one biological brother (Michael), plus two half-brothers (Gary, from her mother's first marriage; and John, from her father's first marriage); plus a half-sister (Alana) from her father's next marriage (he seems to have been married three times).

How is Gary Houston a half brother to Whitney?

Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, was married before, and had three children from that marriage (including Gary). She re-married, and had Whitney, which is how Whitney got a half-brother.

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