Did Jim bob Walton ever married?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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yes, Jim-Bob Walton, and John-Bo Walton do get married.

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Jim Bob Walton did marry on the later reunion shows.

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Q: Did Jim bob Walton ever married?
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Does Jim bob from waltons still live?

Yes, the actor who played Jim Bob Walton is still alive.

When were Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar married?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were married July 21, 1984.

What are the names of the Walton's family?

John "John-Boy" Walton , John Walton, Sr. , Olivia Walton , Jason Walton , Benjamin "Ben" Walton , James Robert "Jim-Bob" Walton , Zebulon Tyler "Zeb/Grandpa" Walton , Elizabeth Walton , Erin Esther Walton , Mary Ellen Walton and Esther "Grandma" Walton .

Did Michelle or Jim Bob Duggar have any children before they were married?

Yes, Mrs. Duggar had a few boyfriends before finding Jim Bob

When was Bob Walton born?

Bob Walton was born in 1917.

Does Jim Bob Duggar have a child from a previous relationship?

No. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were married shortly after high school - any children that Jim Bob has is from his marriage to Michelle.

Did Jim Bob and Michelle kiss before they were married?


How old were Jim bob and michele duggar when they got married?

Jim Bob was 19 and Michelle was 17 when they tied the knot.

When did Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar get married?

In 1984. Michelle was 17 and Jim Bob was 19.

Is Jim bob duggar's sister Dianna married?

yes she is

What year did Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar get married?


Did Bob Marley ever get married?

yes he was married to a lady called Rita