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Probably not, the person under most U.S. state laws would not be considered a spouse if they were not legally married. There are a few states that still recognize common law marriages. However, the qualifications for such a union are established by the laws of those states and can be quite complicated.

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Q: Can you still get spousal support if you were not married?
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Can you still get a spousal support even though you divorce already?

Once the divorce is final you can't go back and now ask for spousal support. Part of a divorce severing of economic ties. If spousal support wasn't part of the final decree, you are out of luck.

Can a spouse waiver spousal support by not enforcing a spousal support order?

No. The spousal support order remains in effect until it is modified by the court.

How many years would a wife expect to receive spousal support after a 24 year marriage in the state of California?

in the state of ca. if you've been married 24 yrs you can expect to pay spousal support for 12 yrs.,

If you ex spouce buys a house with her boyfriend is she still entitled to spousal support?

If your ex spouse goes and gets married legally, then you can prove that as her spouse is well of and then you need not pay her regular money.

Is child and spousal payments protected from garnishment in AZ?

only child support. Spousal support is taxable income.

If you get child support from the father of your child can you get marital spousal child support?

There's no such thing as "marital spousal child support." You might be able to get spousal support ("alimony" or "maintenance") for a brief period to allow you to become self-sufficient.

Can you receive spousal support if you are not marrief and have a child?

No; as the term implies, spousal support is for spouses. However, you ought to be able to receive child support.

What are Missouri alimony laws?

Is there a certain time frame that spouse have to be married to be entitled to for alimony/spousal support? Have only been married 5 years through Missouri.

Is spousal support automatically granted in California?

In some cases depends on the income length of time you were married It varies case by case. * No.

What does Terminate the court's jurisdiction to award spousal support to Petitioner mean?

the petitoner is asking the court to deny spousal support

If you have been separated for 5 years your husband owes back pay of spousal support and he is living with another woman that has a child together while still married?

He could very well be arrested as he has failed to pay the support money, he shold pay then have a wife and child.

Do you have any rights from your disabled vet husband in a divorce from spousal support?

my ex-husband and I were married 20 years. Can I draw from his VA disability?