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No. Because Electivire was not made yet there is nothing you use to get it.

No. The Electirizer is only obtainable in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It is equiped to some wild Elekid and can be traded with an Electabuzz to evolve it into an Electrivire. The item was not created until Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and hence would not appear in any previous Pokemon RP game.

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Q: Can you get an Electirizer in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you find the Electirizer in Pokemon Diamond?

If you have Pokemon FireRed, put the cartridge in slot two of your DS. Then travel to Valley Windworks and catch an Elekid (you must catch it to get the item). In Pokemon Diamond it is a 5% chance to get the Electirizer, but in Pearl it is a 50% chance.

Can you catch electrabuzz in Pokemon FireRed?

No, but if you trade an Elekid that's holding the item Electirizer it'll evolve into Electabuzz.

Where to get elecirizer in Pokemon diamond?

To get the Electirizer item in Pokemon Diamond you need to find wild Elekid as they have a chance of holding it. Elekid will appear in Route 205 and the Valley Windworks if you have a copy of Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. To get the Electirizer from a wild Elekid you can catch it and hope it has one or use the move Thief to steal the Electirizer it is holding.

What an electirizer is used for on Pokemon platinum?

An electirizer is for to evolve a electbuzz to a electivire

How do you get electirizer in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Electirizer is located in the Cerulean Cave (Kanto).

Where do you get the eletrizer in Pokemon diamond?

The Electirizer can be found on wild Elekid in Pokemon Diamond. To make wild Elekid appear you need a copy of Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. While Pokemon FireRed is in the slot Elekid will start to appear on Route 205 and the Valley Windworks.

How do you get the Electirizer in Pokemon Platnum?

Insert your FireRed cartridge in the GBA slot and go to the Valley Windworks. Catch as many Elekid as possible then check if they are holding the Electirizer. There is a 5% chance of getting it, so it might take some time.

What Pokemon evolves with electirizer held?

Electabuzz evolves into Electivire when traded holding the Electirizer.

What Pokemon evolves from electirizer?

electabuzz. give it an electirizer and trade it. it should evolve into electivire.

How do get a electirizer on Pokemon platnium?

Pokemon wit electirizer on other game must trade ten get the item of the trated Pokemon e vaila item on platinum.

How do you get electirizer in Pokemon diamond?

You can get it (I have no idea how to spell it) by catching an elekid holding one. Elekid can be caught by having a Firered cartridge in your DS, and looking at Valley Wind Works.

How do you get an electririzer on Pokemon Pearl?

Electirizer is sometimes held by wild Elekid which only appear in Pokemon Pearl if you have a copy of Pokemon FireRed. To make the wild Elekid appear you need Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. Once this is done wild Elekid should start to appear on Route 205 and the Valley Windworks.

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