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can a 12v lawn mower sealed battery be charged with 12v battery charger use on cars

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Q: Can you charge a 12v lawnmower battery with a 12v car battery?
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Can you charge a lawnmower battery with your car?

Most lawnmower batteries will be badly abused by this and it will be quite expensive in gasoline. A lawnmower battery will normally take 8 hrs (or so) to charge. Forcing them to charge faster, like off your car, will harm it.

How long do you charge a 12v car battery?

If it is totally dead charge it for 2 hours at 10 amps.

How many volt you need to charge car battery?

To charge a 12v car battery,you need to increase 2v i.e 13-14v.More than that may cause damage to the battery.

How long does it take charge a 12v motorcycle battery with a 12v car charger?

Depends on the amperage of the charger. A 10 amp charger will charge it in about 1 hour.

Is the 55b24l s battery a 12V or 6V?

The battery is a 12V car battery.

How long new 12v battery for car can be store without charge?

A good auto battery will hold it's charge for at least 6 months or longer.

How long does it take to charge a 12V car battery?

Depends on the amperage you are applying to it. Read the charger manual.

Can you charge a 12v battery with a 18v charger?

I'm actually charging my 12V sealed lead acid battery with a laptop adapter which output is 19V, 2.1A. I'm not sure this will shorted the life of my battery or not, but the battery hold the charge. I don't have a voltmeter to test the voltage, but the battery can light up a 12V car headlight light bull. So, I guess it work.

Can you jump start car with riding lawnmower?

As long as the battery in the lawnmower is a 12 Volt battery you will be fine.

Is a 12v car battery the same as a 12v lantern battery?

Voltage is the same but amp hour capacity of the car battery is much higher.

Can i replace my battery car 12V 62Ah to 12V 74Ah My car is gasoline?

Yes, you can do this.

Can you charge a motorcycle battery with a car battery charger?

Yes as long as it is the right voltage: a 6v battery needs a 6v charger; a 12v battery needs a 12v charger. <><><> If you can set the battery charger's output to give either a 6 or a 12 volt output, then you must always remember to set it to 6 volts if you want to use it to charge a 6 volt motorcycle car battery.