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No. A thermocouple is made from two dissimilar wires. At the junction of these two wires, an electrical signal is generated that is measured in millivolts. If you insert another type of wire, such as copper, then you have introduced another electrical junction. Your signal will be (millivolt from junction 1 + millivolt from junction 2).


Maybe. A thermocouple measures the temperature difference between the sensing junction (where the two different metal wires meet) and the other end of the wire, the reference junction. If you extend a thermocouple with copper wire, you will measure the temperature difference between the junction and the location where the copper extension is spliced on. If the copper splice is the same temperature as the reference junction, or if you can measure the temperature at the splice, then it will be fine. In general, it is better to run the thermocouple wire to the reference junction.

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Q: Can copper wire be used for thermocouple extention?
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