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Google Dawn Redwood.

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Q: Can a redwood grow in Indiana?
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What is the redwood national park is famous for?

It is famous for ........... the redwood trees that grow there

Where does redwood tree grow?


Where do the redwood trees grow?

Theres a park in California called Red wood something. so cool. i do not know where it is. but its in California. im sure that if you look it up on Google you'll find it. I was there when i was 8.

Will redwood trees grow in centeral Mississippi?

Yes, they will grow in Central Mississippi, but in order for the Redwood to grow higher than about 50 feet, it must live within what is known as a fog belt, where it will receive fog on an almost daily basis. So while they will grow in Mississippi (the Redwood will grow just about anywhere), they will never reach their full 300-plus foot potential. The Bald Cypress is in the same family as the redwood, by the way, so if you are interested in the redwood, that may make a great substitute.

Whare does the redwood tree grow?

the sequoia redwood grows in California, and there are several species found in various parts of the world, yet do not resemble the redwood you are thinking about.

Which trees are grow at the height of 4000m?

California Redwood

How can a redwood tree grow so bid than a dandelion?

how can a redwood grow so much bigger than a dandelion

Where do red woods grow?

The redwood , sequoia , grows in California .

Do redwood trees grow in rain forest?

No they or wait yes

Can a redwood tree grow smaller than 385 feet tall?

Yes, redwood trees can vary in height and do not have to reach 385 feet tall. They can range from 50 to over 300 feet in height, depending on factors like environmental conditions and genetic variation.

How long does it take for a redwood to grow to the size of a car?

about as long as my dick did!

Is redwood natural or man- made?

Redwood is a natural wood. Redwood trees grow to unbelievable size. In California they have the great redwood forest where cars can actually drive through cut outs on some trees. There is also some fake redwood made from plastics or paper products but they don't have the clean smell or feel of natural redwood.