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what is the age limit for boys and girls to share a same room

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Q: Age limit for boys and girls sharing bedroom in Delaware?
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Age limit on sharing a bedroom?

Parents discretion.

What is the age limit for children sharing a room in NC?

there is no age limit.

Legal occupancy limit for a one-bedroom apartment in Virginia?

The legal occupancy limit for a one bedroom apartment in Virginia is 2 adults. It is also permissible for 2 adults and a baby to occupy a one bedroom apartment.

What is the age limit for children sharing a room in Pa?

There are no laws regarding sharing a room.

What is the age in Indiana for opposite sex children to stop sharing a bedroom?

Well there Really isn't an answer for this, It Kind of Depends on Your Parents/Guardians. But If You Think that You are Old Enough To Sleep In a Bedroom all by Yourself. If Your Parents say No, Just Agree With it, Cuz it might be budget Cuts :L But i Agree I think the age Limit should be begtween 7-12 Before a child startsto go through there Mensis/Puberty as they will need Privacy

What is the occupancy limit for a 2 bedroom in lakewood NJ?

4 people

How many bedrooms should a parent have for 5 kids?

Five bedrooms, that is one for each child, plus your bedroom.AnswerThe home has to be what you can afford. If you have both boys and girls, set up a room for boys and one for the girls--they shouldn't be together after kindergarten age anyway. You could also create a bedroom out of a public space in the house. I would guess that most families with five kids have them sharing rooms in some way, shape or manner.Rental occupancy limits are determined by each individual town and city, but most set a 2 people per bedroom limit, plus 1.

What is the statute limitations for possession of a firearm n Delaware?

In Delaware if the embezzlement is a Class A felony, there is not limit. Otherwise it is set at 5 years.

What is the reason for disabling simple file sharing?

Organizations can benefit from disabling simple file sharing when the system has become compromised. By disabling file sharing you limit access to the system.

What is the statute of limitation for non violent class d felony in Delaware?

In Delaware if the embezzlement is a Class A felony, there is not limit. Since this is a Class D, it is set at 5 years.

How many miles over the speed limit can you go before you get points on your license in Delaware?

I don't know about Delaware specifically but it depends whether you get caught.

What is the legal occupancy limit for an apartment in Philadelphia?

There is no official legal occupancy limit in Philadelphia. Most landlords though restrict 3 adults to a one bedroom apartment.