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Two criminals are crucified on either side of Jesus, described in some gospels as rebels. One of the criminals ridicules Jesus, while the other admits that he is being punished for real crimes whereas Jesus committed none, and asks Jesus to remember him after death. It is not specified in The Bible which side the repentant criminal was on.


Demas was on the right side of Jesus. 'But the robber on his right hand ,whose name was Demas...' ref: The Narrative of Joseph of Arimathaea.

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Q: Who was on the right side of Jesus when He was crucified?
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Who was on jesus right side when he was crucified?

He was on Jesus's left, but if you were facing the hill, he was on the right.

What side was dismas the thieve on he hung from the cross when Jesus was crucified?

right side

How many people were crucified alone side jesus?

There were two robbers, who were crucified along with Jesus, one on each side.

What is the name of the thieve crucified on the right side of Jesus?

actually, the thief is unnamed in the bible. there is no mention of it.

Was it right that Jesus was crucified?

It was necessary.

Who else got crucified with Jesus?

Two criminals were crucified with Jesus on either side of him, as mentioned in the Bible.

Who were crusified with Jesus?

Two other robbers where on each side of Jesus when he was being crucified.

What does Jesus' words I assure you that you will be with me in paradise mean?

This sentence was said by Jesus when He was Crucified and it was told to the thief crucified beside Him (on His right).It means that after the death of Jesus and the death of the thief crucified in His right,this thief will be with Jesus in the paradise as it is the place to which christians,good Christians, go after their death as a place to wait before the last day and after this day,good people will go from the paradise to the Eternal life with Jesus in the Heavens.Jesus said this to the thief crucified to His right because he accepted Jesus as a God and a Savior...

Is Peter be considered martyrs?

Peter is a martyr, because he was crucified upside down by the Romans until he died. He was crucified upside down, because he did not consider himself to be worthy to be crucified right side up as Jesus was, so Peter asked to be crucified upside down after he was sentenced to death on the cross.

Who was crucified along with Jesus?

The scriptures only give reference to two thieves who were crucifies along side Christ. This was done so that the answer to one of the thieves could be know by all. That of there being different degrees of glory in heaven to which all mankind will be asigned to one.

Who was crucified next to Jesus?

Matt. 27: 3838 Then were there two thieves crucified with him, one on the right hand, and another on the left.The one ridiculed Christ while the other had pity on him, saying Master remember me when thou goest to thy kingdom (Adlib) Christ said to him "Verily today thou shalt be in a mansion that my father has made ready for thee. (Adilb)

How many other people was with jesus when he was crusified?

Beside Jesus there were two robbers , who were also crucified one on each side.