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psalms 119 has the highest verses in The Bible it has 176 verses

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Q: Which chapter in the Bible contains the most verses?
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What are the most commanded verses in the Bible?

The most commanded verse in the bible is from the book of John chapter 3 verse 16.

Which is the biggest Psalm in the Bible?

If by biggest you mean the longest - having the most verses - then it is Psalm 119 which contains 176 verses in this longest single chapter in the Bible. Though the author is unknown, many scholars attribute this writing to either David, Ezra or Daniel.

What book of the king James bible has the most verses?

Psalms. Psalms has 150 chapters and most of them have 20 - 30 verses. One chapter Psalm 119 has 176 verses.

What chapter in Ezekiel has the most verses?

Chapter 16 with 63 verses.

Which book in the Bible contains the most Scriptures?

If by 'Scriptures' you mean verses, then the Book of Psalms has the most at 2, 461. In the New Testament, the Book of Luke has most at 1,151 verses.

What book in the Bible has the most verses?

palsms No it is not Psalms which most of you thought. It is Ezekiel. Most of chapters of Psalms are short verses.

Which psalm has the most verses?

There are 150 psalms in the biblical book of Psalms. The longest psalm is Psalm 119, which contains 176 verses and is the longest chapter in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Bible. The psalm opens with the words in Hebrew that say 'happy are those whose way is perfect" and is a prayer of an individual who delights in and lives by the Torah, the sacred law.

What Book of the Bible has the most verses?

Ezekiel if memory serves.

What are passages in a Bible?

A passage in the Bible is a selection of verses from a book of the Bible. A passage can be a single verse or group of verses or an entire chapter that tells a particular story or message. Most modern Bibles have chapter or section headers that describe various passages. For example, Exodus 2:11-25 may have the passage title "Moses Flees to Midian". Online Bible resources allow you to search for passages either by keyword/phase or Bible reference (e.g. Ex 2:11).

Where is the Last Supper located in the bible?

The Last supper is to be found in the Gospels in the New Testament. In Matthew it is in Matthew Chapter 26 verses 17-30. In Mark it is in Chapter 14 verses 12-26 In Luke it is in Chapter 22 verses 7 - 38 It is not recorded as such in John's gospel, although most Bible scholars believe that the occasion when Jesus washes the disciples' feet as a mark of humility and service, occurred at the same evening. The supper is recorded in John but not in as great a detail. In John's gospel, the account is in Chapters 13 - 17 where his sayings, and his prayers for his diciples are recorded in detail. The reference to the meal is in Chapter 13 verses 2-5.

How many verses are in proverbs?

Proverbs has 915 verses, but most of the verses have two halves which in many cases can serve as two proverbs. And sometimes a chapter or group of verses contains an overall message. Also, every verse has levels of meaning. See also 1 kings 5:12.

How do you cite verses from the bible?

Usually you give the name of the book then the chapter then a : then the verse. Most books have abbreviations that are more or less standard. Romans - Rom, Genesis - Gen 1Kings - 1Kg etc So first John chapter five verses eleven and twelve would be written like this: 1Jon 5:11,12

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