Was Samuel the last judge

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Samuel was the last judge of Israel because the people asked for a king and he anointed King Saul later King David. After that was a line of kings not judges in Israel.

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Q: Was Samuel the last judge
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Who was Israels last judge?

The last Judge of the Israelites is Samuel, who was both a Judge as well as a prophet.

Who was the last judge of Israel?

Samuel was the last judge Israel who anointed Saul and later David as King. Samuel had the unique position of being prophet, judge, and priest.

Has there been a king Samuel?

Samuel was the last judge and a prophet as well, he was never a king.

What man who served as both the last judge and the first prophet of Israel was?


Who was the last Judge who anointed two Kings?

The last Judge who anointed two Kings was the prophet Samuel. He anointed Saul as the first king of Israel and later anointed David as the second king.

Who was the first judge in Israel?

Yes Samuel was the last Judge, he was a prophet as well.

Was Samuel in the Bible appointed king?

Yes. Samuel was Israel's last judge and also a prophet. Samuel was the one that anointed King Saul and later King David.

Who was the last and most important judge of the old testament?

The last and most famous of the Judges was Samuel, after him Saul came as king.

Was Samuel a judge or a prophet?

Samuel was both a judge and a prophet. He served as a judge of Israel, presiding over the nation during a period when judges held both judicial and leadership roles. In addition to his role as a judge, Samuel is also considered one of the major prophets in the Hebrew Bible, receiving messages from God and delivering them to the people.

Was Samuel a king?

Sammuel was the last Judge of Israel. Saul was the first king of Israel followed by David.

Occupation of Samuel in the Bible?

Samuel was a judge.

What were the three ministries performed by Samuel?

Samuel was a prophet, priest, and judge.