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Q: Solomon has $118. He wants to purchase concert tickets for himself and 5 friends. Each ticket costs $19. Does he have enough money?
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What king had the most sons in the Bible?

Possibly Solomon had many wives, but I don't know how many kids. Since he had 700 wives and 300 concubines, it would stand to reason that he probably had the most children out of all the Kings of Israel. Solomon, however, was deemed wrong by God for multiplying wives unto himself. "Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not away: neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold." Deuteronomy 17:17.

What do Christians pray for?

They pray for their enemies,family,himself, friends, people and neighbors. They can also pray for love, peace and hope.

Why was King Solomon known for his wisdom?

The defining legend of Solomon was his great wisdom, gifted to him by God. If there ever was a King Solomon, the Bible says that he was the wisest of kings. However, finding specific biblical examples of his wisdom proves difficult. Solomon was certainly not wise when he first succeeded David. At 1Kings 1:52, he said that he would not harm Adonijah as long as he showed himself a worthy man. However, in chapter 2, he ordered the death of Adonijah merely because he sought Solomon's approval to marry a woman. He punished the priest Abiathar, who had previously helped Adonijah, and Joab who did not, although he later befriended him. Then he ordered Shimei, who had not been allied with Adonijah, never to leave Jerusalem. Afterwards, Shimei briefly left Jerusalem to recapture and bring back his slaves, so Solomon had him killed. Solomon has demonstrated his lack of good judgement, as a foil for the qualities he would soon display. Shortly after this, Solomon, in a dream, asked God for wisdom. Soon after God granted Solomon wisdom, two women asked for judgement over the ownership of a small baby. In this episode, Solomon gave his most famous judgement, the only biblical example of his great wisdom. Solomon, with his profound wisdom, just knew that only one woman would be willing to give up her claim to the child rather than have it killed. Whether the insight this passage describes was really wise can be a matter for judgement According to the Bible, Solomon subsequently demonstrated no political wisdom, nor even sufficient common sense to govern wisely in the interests of his own son's succession to the throne of the United Monarchy. Nevertheless, a Judaic tradition of Solomon's wisdom grew. The wisdom books of Proverbs and Ecclestiastes were eventually attributed to him because of his supposed wisdom, in turn resulting in an even greater reputation for wisdom. Yet scholars say they can not be sure that Solomon was even a real, historical person.

Who is the most mentioned man in the Bible after Jesus himself?

King David was mentioned 1139 times and wrote a large portion of the Psalms himself. Moses was mentioned 848 times and is traditionally believed to have written the first five books of the OT (the Torah.) It is also speculated that the Genesis writers were the ones about whom it is written until they died and the next important man had to take over. Job wrote his own book. Joshua was mentioned 216 times. Solomon was mentioned 306 times and wrote the Song of Solomon and the Proverbs and a portion of the psalms. And of course Ecclesiastes. (which means the Preacher) Paul the Apostle was only mentioned 163 times, but wrote a majority of the NT books. Still, David may have him beat in writings.

Who were some great men of the bible?

I believe that the greatest man of the bible is Jesus Christ himself, He is the most powerful person that lived on the earth. other great men of the bible include; David, Joseph, Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, John the Baptist, Samson, Solomon, Paul The Apostle, John the beloved, Moses, Noah, Issac, Elijah, Elisha, and also Daniel.

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Solomon has $118. He wants to purchase concert tickets for himself and 5 friends. Each ticket costs $19. Does he have enough money Explain.?


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