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The Bible is all about Jews - almost everyone in it is a jew, or the ancestor of the Jews. It is a history of the Jewish people.

The Jews are those who trace their ancestry back to Abraham.

So, as the books tell the story of the Jews - even Jesus Christ was born a Jew - they are mentioned throughout the bible. It might be easier to pick out those who are not Jews.

However, in the King James version

the word - Jew - appears 32 times

the word - Jew's - appears once

the word - Jewess - appears twice

the word - Jewish - appears once

the word - Jewry - appears 3 times

the word - Jews - appears 243 times

the word - Jews' - appears 13 times

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Actually Jew is not mentioned in the bible. Jew does not mean Judean or Judahite. The Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan and they have nothing to do with the bible.

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Q: How many times Jews are mentioned in the bible?
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