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Jewish people believe that Jesus Christ wasn't the real Messiah and they are still waiting for the Messiah. They believe that Jesus was a fake Messiah.

They could believe that Jesus didn't raise up or won't be raised up because he "sinned" a lot by faking but they do believe that only God knows who will go to heaven and who will go to Hell.

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Q: Do jewish believe Jesus arose from the dead?
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Why do Christian's believe that Jesus is their rescuer?

Because you believe that Jesus died for you and also arose from the dead , then we will have salvation.

How do you say Jesus is the way?

It means Jesus is the only reason you can go to heaven i you believe that Jesus died for you and also arose from the dead.

What do chrisitians believed happened to jesus of nazareth?

Christians believe that Jesus arose from the dead and sitted on the right hand of god the father.

What is the reserection of Jesus?

The ressurection of Jesus, is when he arose from the dead

What happened at the ressurection of Jesus?

Jesus arose from the dead on Easter Sunday.

When Jesus arose from the dead did the soldiers at the tomb actually see him alive?


Christians celebrate the day jesus rose from the dead as?

The day Jesus arose from the dead is called Easter.

What happened when they said that Jesus' is alive again?

Many may not have believed it, even Thomas doubted that jesus arose from the dead.

Where does Easter get its name from?

The word Easter means ressurection. As Jesus arose from the dead on the third day.

Did Romans see Jesus after he arose from the dead?

It isn't stated if there were specific Romans who saw Jesus, but it is possible since large groups of people saw Him.

Did Christ rise from the dead?

Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

Do Jews believe that Jesus rose from the grave?

No. In Judaism, Jesus was a regular human being who lived in olden times, and experienced no miracles. He is not part of Jewish religious belief.Any Jews who would profess belief in Jesus' resurrection are actually Christians by definition, no matter what they may claim as their religion.See also the Related Links.Why didn't the Jews believe in Jesus?What do Jews believe about God?