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Q: Did Greek and roman temples have odd or even numbers of columns?
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What were roman temples used for?

Roman temples were similar to Greek temple. The temples were there to worship gods that were also similar to the Greek gods, except for the difference sin the names. The Roman temples were also constructed in a way not too different from Greek temples.

What is the difference between Greek and Roman temple architecture?

The difference is mainly in the columns, that is the number of them and their placement. The Romans generally used columns only in the front of their temples, while the Greeks surrounded their temples with columns. The Greek temples could also have a double row of columns, while the Romans only had the single row of columns across the front of the temple. Another difference is the structure itself. The Greeks built their temples on a foundation or base that was no more than three steps high while the Romans liked a high elevation with a large staircase in front.

How has Greek architecture influenced modern architecture?

Greek and Roman architecture both were readopted during the Renaissance period. Doric columns and the grand opulence of Ancient temples were used during the Renaissance.

What are the difference between roman temples and greek temple?

Well ones roman and ones greek

What are the columns called at the Lincoln Memorial?

Corinthian columns. They copy Greek/Roman buildings.

Are the temples in Baalbek Roman Greek or Phoenician?

The temple is Roman built on Phoenician foundations.

Which culture's architecture can be identified by the large buildings and columns?

Both Greek and Roman architecture have large buildings and columns but probably more-so Greek

Where is the Roman temple in Poptropica on Mythology Island?

There is a Greek temple on Main St. but no Roman temples.

How was Roman architecture similar to Greek architecture?

They copied the Greek styles, eg the columns were Ionian, Corinthian and Dorian.

What was the Roman architecture was heavily influenced by?

The Greek styles of columns - Ionian, Doric, Corinthian.

What Roman architecture was heavily influenced by the?

The Greek styles of columns - Ionian, Doric, Corinthian.

Which is an example of how the Roman's copied Greek design?

The temples and the statues were modelled on those of the Greeks.

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