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One of the key differences between RP (British English) and GA (American English) in terms of phonology are:

-In some cases, the stress pattern is different, resulting in the aluminum-aluminium division

- In GA, there is y-deletion in the vowel yuw (in some cases), as in the word "tube".

- Optimality Theory provides explanations for phonetic variations such as the two pronunciations of "hot"

- In terms of phonetics, RP tends to have higher, rounder vowels than GA.

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Q: What are the main phonological differences between American Standard English and the Queen's British English?
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What were the Differences on the phonological level between AME and BRE?

OK.i will tell you the differences between AmE AND BrE.Firstly,the main difference in phonological level is that british people do not pronunce the consonant 'r' no e.g car/ka:/ whereas the American do pronumce this consonant.They say ka:(r).

What are the main phonological differences between American English and british English?

Some of the main phonological differences between American English and British English include the pronunciation of certain vowels. For example, American English tends to pronounce the 'r' sound at the end of words, while British English often drops this sound. Additionally, there are differences in the pronunciation of certain vowel sounds, such as the 'a' sound in words like "dance" (American English typically pronounces it as "æ", while British English uses a softer "a"). There are also variations in stress patterns and intonation between the two dialects.

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