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Yes. Whenever you start a sentence with yes, no, a person's name, and so forth, you use a comma after it.

ex. Yes, I feel hungry.

ex. No, I don't want to swim.

ex. Alice, take this to your mother.

ex. Hey, why did you do that?

ex. Yes, sir.

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Yes, you would typically write "Yes, sir" with a comma after "Yes". This helps to indicate a pause in speech and show respect to the person being addressed.

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Yes, you do, but not in cases like the following:

Should I say yes to him?

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Q: Do you use a comma when writing yes sir?
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Is it correct to use comma after dear sir?


Is it correct to use a capital letter after the comma in Dear sir?

Yes, it is correct to use a capital letter after the comma in "Dear Sir" as it is used as a salutation at the beginning of a letter or email.

Do you use a comma after name?

Yes, it is customary to use a comma after someone's name when writing in English. For example: "Hello, John."

Do you have to insert a comma after dear sir?

Yes, when addressing someone directly in a letter or email, you should typically use a comma after the salutation. For example, "Dear Sir," or "Dear Mr. Smith,".

Do you use a comma before Jr?

Yes, you should use a comma before "Jr." when writing a person's name to separate the person's last name from the suffix. For example, "John Smith, Jr."

When writing December 2010 do you put a comma in between the month and year?

Yes, there is usually a comma. If you choose not to use a comma then you should remain consistent. For example, if you're writing an academic paper and using lots of dates then they should either all have commas or they should all have no commas.

Do you use comma before but?

yes,you can but it is normally not commonly used in compositions and any other forms of writing material.

Do you use a comma when saying he said?

Yes when writing stories or other writing pieces you would say: Joey said, "this source is reliable" The comma would be after said and it is the same for he said: He said, " You just learned something new" Hope this helped Source: Like 1st or 2nd grade

Do you need a comma after the word sincerely?

Yes, such as when writing a letter.

If you are listing something and you are using commas do you use a comma right before the and?

It depends on the style guide you are following. In American English, the comma before "and" in a list is known as the Oxford comma, and it's optional. In British English, the Oxford comma is typically not used. It's essential to be consistent in your use of the Oxford comma throughout your writing.

Is a comma used after the salutation?

Yes, a comma is used after the salutation in a formal letter. For example, "Dear Mr. Smith,".