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in the myth Greek mythology

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Q: What type of myth is Hades kidnapping Persephone?
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What type of guys does Persephone like?

Hades, just Hades.

What type of god was hades?

Hades is the God of the Underworld, the dead, and riches. He is often seen as dark, moody, and morbid. But he is not always really cruel; he is loving toward his wife Persephone.

A kidnapping case is what type of case?

Kidnapping is a criminal case.

What tipe of creature is hades?

Hades is a Greek god of the underworld type in a picture of Hades to find out what it looks like

What type of mythology is Persephone from?

Persehone is from Greek mythology.

What are some stories on Hades?

Well, I am sure there are probably quite a few, but the most famous one goes like this: Demeter (goddess of agriculture) had a child with Zeus (king of the gods) who was called Persephone. Hades (god of the Underworld), Zeus's brother had spotted Persephone picking flowers and having fun. Hades thought the young woman was extremely beautiful and he decided since he was always lonely in the Underworld that he would like to have companion. So he got in his chariot and appeared through a crack in the earth and Persephone. When Demeter discovered her daughter was missing she got very angry and sorrowful. All the plants dried up and a famine came upon the people of Greece. Demeter went to Zeus for a solution. Zeus wanted to appease Demeter, but did not want to upset Hades. So he asked Persephone if she had anything while she was in the Underworld. She told him she had eaten four pomegranate seeds. Zeus then told Persephone,"Since you ate four seeds you will spend four months of every year in the underworld. The other eight you may spend with your mother on Earth." That is how the Greeks believed the seasons were created. Four months of the year it was cold and hard to grow crops (winter). The other eight are the other seasons. Ok wow that was a lot to type. I'm sure there are other stories about Hades, but I believe that is the main one. Hope you enjoyed my fantastic story skills! ;)

What is Hades sport?

Type your answer here Can the answer be "firethrowing"?

What type of crime kidnapping is?

A Felony - a Capital Crime - a Crime of Moral Turpitude.

Who ruled the under world?

Type your answer here...Hades

What type of hair style does Persephone's have?

She had golden hair, but are you thinking of Medusa, who had snakes for hair ?

Is hades a type of marijuana?

Hades was the Greek god of the underworld. And the word "Hell" comes from the Norse goddess Hel who ruled over the underworld, much like Hades did in Greek mythology.

What type of animal or pet did Hades have?

3 headed dog