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organic peroxides

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Q: What material classes should use a Flaming O symbol?
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What material classes should use a explosive symbol?

Explosives, Hazard Class 1

Why is Ares symbol a flaming torch?

In Greek mythology, Ares was associated with the destructive and chaotic aspects of war, symbolized by fire. The flaming torch represents his role in battle as a fierce and aggressive deity, bringing destruction wherever he goes. It symbolizes the destructive power of war that Ares embodies.

What is the symbol of Saint Michael the Archangel?

The symbol that is associated with St. Michael the Archangel is a flaming sword.It is typically a flaming sword because he casted the devil to the under world but it can also be an arrow with bows. So really things having to do with battle because he is the protector

What symbol tells you material is quoted?


What is a flaming griffin?

A symbol of power of divine protection, or a divine guardian. Most likely the "flames" are the aura of the griffin and the legendary beast is not actually aflame.

What is the meaning of the flaming lyre?

The flaming lyre is a symbol associated with poetry, art, and creativity. It represents passion, inspiration, and the merging of artistic expression with fiery intensity. It can also symbolize the transformative power of art and the ability of creativity to ignite change and illuminate truth.

What symbol in tells you the material in a email is quoted?

""""""""" Quotes

What is the chemical symbol for paper?

Paper does not have its own chemical symbol but it is basically cellulose

Greek god Ares symbol?

The symbol of the Greek god Ares is typically a spear or a helmet, representing warfare and battle. Ares is associated with courage, strength, and aggression in Greek mythology.

What is the symbol of St. Ignatius?

The symbol associated with St. Ignatius of Loyola is typically a flaming heart, often depicted with a cross and the letters "AMDG" which stands for "Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam" meaning "For the greater glory of God."

What is Hephaestus symbol in greek mythology?

I'm pretty sure it's a flaming hammer or something of the like. I'm not certain though, so you might want to look it up.

Should quotations be before or after a symbol?

Quotation marks should come before and after a symbol.