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typically, for three awards you would need two oak clusters. the ribbon counts as one. However, for the good conduct medal, you would wear a knot for each award. It varies dependant upon the actual award, but for AAM's, Arcoms, etc the ribbon always counts as the first award.

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Q: You have 3 arcom how many oak leaf cluster you get?
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How many oak leaf clusters can you wear for ten arcom?

1 Gold one

How many oak leaf cluster for two aam?

One oak leaf cluster for 2 AAM.....if you only have one then there is no oak's an oakleaf for each additional one.

How many bronze oak leaf cluster equals a silver?

five oak leaf clusters equal on silver.,

How many oak leaf clusters are worn if you have 7 aam?

The answer is one silver and one bronze oak leaf cluster worn on the same ribbon...After you have been awarded a particular decoration or medal, the subsequent award of the same decoration or medal are indicated by the wear of a single bronze oak leaf cluster. With each additional award, another bronze oak leaf cluster is added, for up to a total of four oak leaf clusters which signifies that you have been awarded the decoration or medal five times. If you receive a sixth award, a silver oak leaf cluster replaces the four bronze oak leaf clusters. If you receive additional awards, more bronze oak leaf clusters are added until a total of four bronze oak leaf clusters are accumulated and another silver oak leaf cluster is added, repeating the process.

What does a silver star with cluster mean?

The bronze oak leaf cluster represents second and subsequent entitlements of awards. The silver oak leaf cluster represents sixth, 11th, etc., entitlements or in lieu of five bronze oak leaf clusters.

List of purple heart with oak leaf cluster?

do you want a list of people that won a Purple Heart with the oak leaf cluster? In Vietnam in 1967

How many oak leaf clusters are worn if you have 6 AAM?

One would wear a single Silver Oak Leaf Cluster. The Silver Oak Leaf Cluster signifies that the Army Achievement Medal has been awarded 5 subsequent times and the Ribbon itself signifies the first one awarded. For every AAM awarded after this, one would wear a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster (signifying one awarded AAM) until one reaches 11 total awards. At this point, one would wear a second Silver Oak Leaf Cluster.

What is the history of the oak leaf cluster?

The history of the oak leaf cluster is worn by military soldiers in the Army, Air Force, and Department of Defense that recognizes high achievements and awards.

What is difference between a Bronze Star and a Bronze Star First Oak Leaf Cluster?

The oak leaf cluster indicates that the decoration has been awarded a second time. Thus a bronze star with oak leaf cluster means the person won two bronze stars. Michael Montagne

How many oak keaf clusters area worn if you have 9 ARCOM?

(1) Silver Oak Leaf and (3) Bronze Oak Leafs with the Silver being first in precedence; representing (5) awards, each Bronze oak leaf representing (1) award and the ribbon itself representing (1) award for a total of (9).

How many oak leaf clusters are worn if you have 6 army commendation awards?

Your fifth award would include the ribbon plus four bronze oak leaf clusters. Upon the sixth award you would remove the four bronze oak leaf clusters and replace with one silver oak leaf cluster. In reality, you would get a new ribbon and put one silver oak leaf cluster on it, so the holes from the removed clusters do not show.

How do you position the oak leaf clusters on an award to denote ten of them?

The oak leaf cluster is positioned in the center of the Ribbon and in the center of the Ribbon which hangs to a Medal.

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