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football is just for fun

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Q: Why should football be played for fun and not money?
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Should soccer be played for money?

no it should be played for fun because the money could drive the losing team crazy.

How do you plat football in the 1700s?

they played it for fun

Why should high schools play football?

Because it is fun. Because it is fun.

Should football be played for fun or money?

We must remember that footballers get hurt often, and are often out for weeks. And as a footballer ,his career ends by the time he is 34 years. So he must make his money now. Another point is most of the big footballers have come from poor families, so they need the money. But the African footballers play for the fun of it.

How do you play for fun on fantasy football i want to play for no money and pay no money to play i want to play for fun nothing to do with money how do i do this?

Jusy go to Yahoo and type Fantasy football and sign up. P.S. I'm a GIRL!!!!

Should kids be allowed to play tackle football at school?

YES. Football is a fun and profitable sport. It brings in alot of money to the schools, and also is entertaining to watch wether the team is terrible or not.

Where did they play football at?

They played football on a open field and football is a fun sport girls loves boys who play football or any other sport but mostly football!

What did Industrial Revolution workers do for fun?

They played football and other sports such as cricket.

Website to find out about football players?

they join football because it is like a job you get payed a lot of money and they play because it is really fun to play

How do you say ''fun football frames'' in french?

Fun football frames translated into French is: cadres de football fun An example sentence is: les cadres de football fun était magnifique This translated means: the fun football frames looked great.

Why should football be played for fun?

Because it's a very easy and fun game to pick up and understand. The simplicity of i makes it popular and there are many facilities in the country to make playing cheap and easy, whether recreationally or for a team.

Which Olympic objective states that sports should what Olympic objective states that sports should played for fun and enjoyment not for money?

The ones that you never hear about, which is probably why you don't remember the name of the country.

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