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Probably the only reason is that the standard aircraft traffic pattern is a left-hand pattern (all turns in the traffic pattern are made to the left). Putting the superstructure on the right puts the "tower" outboard of the pattern, allowing flight operations to be viewed from one side.

AnswerCould it possibly go back to the Viking longboats with the steering-board (starboard) on the right and an unobstructed view of the port on the left. Of course, since the pilot is in the superstructure, it can't interfer with his view on either side. AnswerApparently when designing Britain's first purpose built carrier Hermes the designers took into account the fact that rotary engines of the time rotated clockwise (when looking from the pilots seat). The resulting yaw from the rotating propeller pulled the aircraft left when taking off. They therefore made sure there were no obstructions in the way so they placed the island to the right (ie starboard). AnswerIn addition to the reasons offered above, the current reason is tradition. There were several port-side island aircraft carriers built during right before or during WW2 (almost all of them Japanese). No particular effectiveness has been found for a starboard-side island vice a port-side one in actual use, so the current placement of the island really boils down to convention.
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Q: Why is the superstructure of an aircraft carrier on the starboard side?
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What does 'starboard' mean?

Starboard is the right side of a ship or aircraft when one is facing forward.

The right side of the aircraft is called?

The in-side! Sorry, starboard.

What part of a ship is starboard?

"Starboard" is the right-hand side of a ship or aircraft as one faces forward. The opposite side is called "port".

Which side is port side of aircraft?

The left side is the port side while the right side is the starboard side.

Where on the outside of an aircraft would you find a green navigational light?

On the Starboard or (righthand side) wingtip as looking from the rear of the aircraft. Same as on a ship.

Antonym of starboard?

Port - the left side of a ship or aircraft looking forward -called also larboard

Can an aircraft carrier turn up side down?


Where is the starboard on an army tank?

"Starboard" is a term used for watercraft primarily, though there's no rule which says it can't be applied to other vehicles, and indeed it often is (namely aircraft). If you were in the vehicle, facing the front, the starboard side would be to your right.

What is starboard side of an airplane?

facing to the front, starboard side is on the right

Where is the starboard side of the ship?

The right hand side when you standing onit and facing the bow (the pointy end) "Starboard" is the right hand side. Port is the left hand side. One way to remember this is that both 'port' and 'left' have 4 letters. its the right side of a ship the direction to the right of somebody facing the front of a ship or aircraft Starboard referred to a very visible and prominent feature of the boat, when looking forward, toward the bow of a ship. starboard refers to the right sides.

What side of a boat is a starboard side?

Facing towards the bow, starboard is on the right.

Which side of the aircraft is right and left?

Port side and starboard side are the terms used for an aircraft respectively. left and right is common mans language.