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The Catholic Church lost its power and influence during the Middle Ages due to an increase in the power of kings and queens. People began to shift from being controlled by the Pope to local, regional, and national leaders.

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Q: Why did the Catholic Church lose its power and influence in the Middle Ages?
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Which of these weakened the power and influence of the Catholic church?

Protestant Reformation

These weakened the power and influence of the Catholic church?

The East-West Schism, and the Western Schism, weakened the power and influence of the Catholic church. The Western Schism began in 1378 and lasted until 1417.

What institution dominated during the Middle Ages?

The Catholic Church Humanities 205 University Of Phoenix Answer Romans and Athenians were in a war that affected their power and influence on Europe.

What led to the roman catholic church's power during the middle ages?


Who held intellectual power during the middle ages?

the Roman Catholic Church.

Why did the relative influence of power of the church change throughout the Middle Ages?


What was the political power of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance?

The catholic church was quite a powerful political influence. Most political decisions made during the renaissance were done in consultation with the church.

Who lost power in the moderate phase of the French Revolution?

The Catholic Church was stripped of most of its wealth and influence.

Why did King Henry VIII establish the Roman Catholic church?

He did not establish the Roman Catholic Church. He established the Church of England. He wanted to be both head of state and of the Church. The pope, the head of the Catholic church had a lot of power and influence, and he wanted that power Also, he wanted a annulment of his marriage that the pope wouldn't give him. So he made a new church.

How was the Roman Catholic Church organized in the Middle Ages?

it was organized in the following way from lowest power to highest:PriestsBishopsArchbishopsCardinalsPope

What power did the Catholic Church have in 1500?

In the 1500s the Catholic Church had a lot of power. The church had built up their power of the years and priests themselves had a lot of power.

What was the name of the Catholic Cardinal who extended the power and influence of both the Catholic Church and the government before King Louis XIV became King?

Cardinal Richelieu.

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