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Plantation owners did not use white servants and only had African American slaves. Native Americans were not used because they would simply leave. If an African American was found off the plantation without a pass he was taken into custody and all people who were black were slaves so they stood out in the population. It was easy to tell who was or was not a slave.

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Q: Why did plantation owners prefer white servants and African slaves to American Indian workers?
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Initally what type of jobs did African Americans do in the civil war?

At the start of the war: * plantation workers * house servants

Did Plantation workers include indentured servants and slaves?

No. Indentured workers were very early in colonial history and slaves replaced them as workers.

How did plantation owners provide for the growing demand of additional workers?

Indentured servants and slaves were used.

What did black people do in the Georgia colony?

Blacks were used as slaves for plantation workers, or sometimes they would work inside the plantation owner's house to do chores with the servants.

What did some African - American leaders do to fight discrimination?

African American workers joined Labor Unions.

What did some African-American leaders do to fight discrimination?

African American workers joined Labor Unions.

What did African American slaves have to do?

African American slaves were mostly used as farm workers, particularly for growing cotton. However, the owner of a slave was free to use that slave for any purpose. Some slaves were used as servants, effectively butlers and housekeepers. There were various other uses.

Why did plantation owners MOST prefer to use slaves over indentured servants?

There were two reasons why they turned to slavery. The first one is indentured servitude was a contract for 7 years and often people didn't finish out their contract once they arrived. This meant that they could fade into the population of colonists and no one would know they were indentured servants. While slaves were African American and anyone who was black was a slave no matter where they were. This is the second reason why slaves became popular because no matter where they were they could be picked out as a slave. To leave a plantation they had to have a pass, and slaves were property while indentured servants were workers.

What led to the start of African slavery in the Americas?

The need for workers is the reason for slavery. At first the colonies used indentured servants, but many when they got to the colonies faded into the population after a period of time. Slaves couldn't do this since they were African American and anyone who was a slave.

What where some roles that African Americans served for the north?

Soldiers, Dock workers, Cooks, Servants, Cleaners, Authors (few)

How was the life of the workers in coffee or tea plantation different from workers in indigo plantations?

the life of the workers in coffee or tea plantation are different from workers in indigo plantations because

What is the percentage of African-American workers at airtran airways?

70 percent

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