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Some areas view it as unhealthy and mutalation of your body.

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2012-07-08 16:22:51
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Q: Why are dermal piercings illegal in Louisiana?
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Are dermal piercings legal in Louisiana?


Are dermal piercings illegal in Wisconsin?


Do dermal piercings hurt?

Yes. All piercings hurt to some degree

What happened to dermal dimple piercing when you get pregnant?

Dermal piercings don't last long anyways but if you get pregnant, they'll surely reject. You're skin will stretch and that kind of stress will push the piercings out.

How badly does it hurt to get dermal piercings under your collarbone?

doesnt hurt at all.

Does dermal piercing stay in more then ear piercings?

It can be pierced anywhere you want

Is bigamy illegal in Louisiana?

Yes it is illegal in Louisiana. It is illegal everywhere in the US.

Are micro-dermal piercings legal in Illinois?

check with your local health unit for up to date info for your area.

Will dermal piercings make your lower back dimples appear deeper?

no..usually girls get them if they dont have any back dimples

What do dermal piercings feel like?

When your gettin it it hurts but no worse than any other piercing. After you have it you can't even tell its there.

Is micro dermal piercings legal in Michigan?

The best and correct answer can be provided by calling your local health protection and inspection office listed in the government pages of the phone book. In some U.S. states it is illegal to do dermal anchoring. So best to call your local health inspector and ask what the policies are for your area, they are there to answer your questions when it comes to public safety and the provision of personal services.

Is it illegal to drive in flip flops in Louisiana?

Yes, it is illegal to drive in flip flops in Louisiana.

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Are dermal piercings legal in Louisiana?

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