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Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

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Q: Who were the major patrons of artists in the nineteenth century?
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What was the major American export of the mid-nineteenth century?


What were the major problems facing the nineteenth century European cities?

One was disease (:

A major threat to American national unity during nineteenth century was?


Was there a fire in hamburg in latter half of nineteenth century?

There was a major fire in Hamburg in 1842.

What are all major innovators of the late nineteenth or early twentieth century?

Thomas Edison.

What major political challenges did Western Hemisphere nations face in the nineteenth century?

( Internet gangster)

What were the major features of global capitalism in the late nineteenth century?

finance,steel,inferstructor, oil,textile

How was Leonardo da Vinci influenced by the Bible?

No one today can really say. Artists during his time were commissioned by wealthy patrons to create art. The Pope and the Church were major patrons of Leonardo, and so we see Biblical themes in his work.

In what ways was World War 1 an outgrowth of the major trends of the late nineteenth century?

Two of the root causes of WW I were nationalism and imperialism. Theses were both issues that were being dealt with and that had started in the mid to late nineteenth century.

A major change affecting the American family in the early nineteenth century was?

the movement of most women into the work force.

How did American Protestants strengthen religious values and increase church membership in the early nineteenth century?

In the early nineteenth century, American Protestants had a major evangelizing movement to attract members. Retention was accomplished by making churches the center of social life.

What has the author TC Lewis written?

T.C Lewis has written: 'Major Occupations in Lower Gornal in the Mid-Nineteenth Century'