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(Admiral) Miklos Horthy (1868-1957) was nominally the Regent of Hungary from 1920-44, and for most purposes the dictator. In 1944 he was kidnapped by the SS and taken to Bavaria because he tried to negotiate a separate peace with the Soviet Union. The 100% Nazi 'Arrow' Party then seized power and continued fighting. Hungary was an Axis country and therefore on the German side.

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I am a Hungarian doing a PhD in Texas that focuses on Hungarian Tourism, past and present, which is why I feel qualified to answer this question. Technically, it was a democracy. Although, it is important to understand that while the technical definition of democracy has not changed over time they way in which democracies function has altered. Prior to and during World War 2 there was a Prime Minister, there were elections, there were parties, and there was a Parliament. None the less, Behind the Scenes it functioned as an Oligarchy - although this is my take and not necessarily agreed upon by historians. Hungary was in a Depression in the late '30s and the elite few controlled the money, thus had the power, and made and broke Prime Ministers and politicians on many occasions. By today's standards it was somewhere between an oligarchy and a democracy because the people still had a voice. Hope that helps!

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Hungary's government is a Parliamentary Republic, where most of the powers are granted to a head of the government called the 'Prime Minister". The Prime Minister is elected every 4 years.

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Poland had the same government that they have today, a democracy.

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Q: Who was the leader of Hungary during World War 2?
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