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Chester Nimitz

Assuming you mean the American fleet, it would be Admiral Nimitz. A brilliant and the most successful commander of ww11. He rebuilt and reorganized American naval forces in the Pacific and orchestrated the counterattack that ultimately destroyed the Japanese navy.

His fleet supported, transported and supplied General Douglas McArthur, the brilliant army and marines commander. It transported and supplied the USAAF. through the Solomons, island hopping, the Philippines, and through the Aleutians campaigns. Combined these destroyed Japanese military power in the Pacific and positioned American forces for a direct invasion of the Japanese home islands in 1945.

The Japanese Yamamato, must be considered a brilliant commander. He was singled out by American fliers who intercepted his plane over the southeast Pacific (late 1942 if I recall correctly). His death was a great blow to the Japanese although he could not have prevented Japan's collapse. They could put hardly a ship to sea at the end so loosing communication with the majority of their army, then in China, which faced general Chang Kai Check, with millions, and marshal Zhukov with hundreds of veteran red army divisions.

Generals Le May and McArthur captured the headlines but admiral Nimitz captured Japan, from an office.

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Q: Who was the Commander of the Pacific Fleet in World War 2?
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Who led the American navy in the pacific in world war 2?

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. He was the Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Fleet. General Douglas MacArthur led the Army in the Pacific.

What did bull halsey do in world war 2?

William "Bull" Halsey was the US commander of the South Pacific Area in the early stages of the Pacific War against Japan and was later the commander of the Third Fleet.

Who was the commander of pacific ground troops during world war 2?

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz had overall command of all air , land and sea forces in the Pacific theater : Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet (CinCPac) .

Who was in charge of American military operations in the Pacific Ocean during World War 2?

The buck stopped with Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, whose WWII titles included the dual command of Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet for U.S. naval forces and Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas for U.S. and Allied air, land, and sea forces.

Who was the the US Admiral in the pacific during world war 2?

Admiral Chester William NimitzAdmirals Ernest J King and Chester Nimitz, to name two Cincpac Six-stripers! Cincpac- means commander In chief- Pacific theatre.Five-star Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the US Pacific Fleet and commander in chief of the Pacific Ocean Areas for US and Allied air, land and sea forces.Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Halsey and Admiral Fletcher and Spruance. Nimitz was the Fleet Admiral.

The commander of the allied forces in the south pacific during world war ii was?

The commander of the Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II was General Douglas MacArthur

Was admiral chester nimitz a commander of the US naval forces in the pacific at the time of the battle of midwaya turning point in the war?

Yes , Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was the overall commander in the Pacific Theater as the Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet (CinCPac) .

Chester Nimitz?

Commander of American naval forces in the Pacific.

What did General MacArthur do in world war 2?

Commander of Pacific forces

Who was commander of US Pacific fleet?

The U.S. Pacific Fleet had several different commanders during the course of World War II, including James O. Richardson, Husband E. Kimmel, and William S. Pye. Others were Chester W. Nimitz, and Raymond A. Spruance.

Where was the Pacific Fleet during World War 2?

Based at Pearl Harbor.

What Texan was commmander of the pacific fleet during world war 2?

Nimitz .

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