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the united states responded to the attack on pearl harbor.

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2013-04-18 14:00:41
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Q: Who responded to the Japanese attack on pearl harbor?
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Related questions

How did the Japanese lull the US into the attack on Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese did not lull the US into an attack on Pearl Harbor. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

What did the japanese in Pearl Harbor have to do with the attack?

The Japanese-Americans living and working on Oahu Island (where Pearl Harbor and Honolulu are located) had nothing to do with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Japanese Naval Pilots were the ones who perpetrated the attack.

Why didnt the Japanese invade Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

Who had to do with Pearl Harbor attack?


Did hitler start the attack on pearl harbor?

No, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

How many Japanese airplanes were there in the Pearl Harbor attack?

There were 353 aircraft used in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

When did the Japanese attack the Us in Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.

How did Americans treat Japanese immigrants after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese citizens and immigrants were put in concentration camps

How much warning did the Japanese gave the Americans at Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese gave no warning of their attack on Pearl Harbor. That is why it was a successful surprise attack.

What is pearl harbor about?

pearl harbor is about the Japanese attack on the u.s navy base pearl harbor in Hawaii in 1941

Who started the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese

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