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Kellen Moore of Boise State at 49-3

Colt McCoy of Texas at 45-8

David Greene of Georgia at 42-10

Peyton Manning of Tennessee at 39-6

Note: This definition is independent of and not to be confused with win percentage.

A little known college QB from 1969-71 went 35-0 at The University of Toledo named Chuck Ealey. He still holds the NCAA 1A record to this day. He was not inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame due to his race. He also went 18-0 in high school. the man has one of the most impressive records around. It only came to light when USC played Texas for the National Championship because Leinart would have tied his record as an undefeated college QB if they would have won.

(It is unlikely that Ealey was not inducted "due to his race." The real reason is that he was not a first team All-American, which is a main criterion for induction. There are plenty of African-Americans in the CFHOF. But, he was not drafted by the NFL, at a time when African-American quarterbacks were not seriously considered by teams.)

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Q: Who are the top three winningest quarterbacks in college football history?
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